Dan Abrams – Net Worth, Biography and Life Story of a News Anchor

Full Name Dan Abrams
Birthday 20th May 1966
Birth Place New York, NY
Age 53
Father Floyd Abrams
Mother Efrat Abrams
Career Profession News Anchor
Height 5’9 ft.
Weight 65 kg.
Notable Roles Anchor in ABC news
Net Worth $16 million


Dan Abrams
Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams was born in 1966 in New York City, he was the one who covers the OJ Simpsons trial for Court TV and this project made him famous. Later then the NBC promoted him as the chief legal analyst for the station, later then ABC assigned him in the same position. Abrams is a famous environmentalist and he also owns few websites that go under his name Abrams Media. A&E network made Abrams as a regular contributor after he hosted the networks season 1 of Prison Docuseries in May of 2016.

Abrams started to host the show Live PD in October of 2016, the show is about documenting police officers live on their work every day. This show is not like any other shows about law enforcement, this show will show you live-action and how a situation can change drastically from a quiet moment to a really dangerous scenario. The show immediately went on its 2nd season in October of 2017 after a successful 1st season.

Abrams and legal analyst Nancy Grace were announced to be the host of a new show in January of 2018, the show is called Grace V.S Abrams. Both of them are not new to each other, they were already known for their debates in the show Good Morning America. This will be an educational show as the two will explain and discuss to the people the legal actions for some of the most controversial crimes and trials. The show will have its premiere on the 29th of March and it will be shoot with a live audience.

Early Life of Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams was born in the beautiful city of New York City, New York on the 20th of May 1966. His parents are Floyd Abrams and Efrat Abrams, Efrat was a Hebrew school teacher and his father was a popular constitutional lawyer, Floyd was also an expert of the first amendment. Dan has a little sister named Ronnie, both of them loves listening to father’s anecdotes even when they are still very young.

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Abrams graduated high school in 1984, he went to Riverdale Country School which is located in the northwest corner of New York City, the school is an independent day school.

Abrams was a Cum Laude at Duke University with a degree of political science, he graduated in 1988. After that Abrams attended Columbia University Law School.

Dan Abrams and son, Everett
Dan Abrams and son, Everett

Past Relationships of Dan Abrams

We all know Abrams for his active social life, Abrams was known to have a relationship with the supermodel Elle Macpherson. Abrams also had a relationship with the actress Renee Zellweger.

Family Life of Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams and Florinka Pesenti had their first born son, Everett before they tied the knot. Florinka was known to be the first woman who won the Amazing Race. When their son came into this world, Dan cancelled his show to be with his partner.

It shows that Dan is not only a successful anchor, businessman, and lawyer. He is also a perfect parent and partner.

Illness of Dan Abrams

Being just as young as 37 years old Abrams was diagnosed with testicular cancer, Abrams revealed it in public in September of 2004. At first, Abrams did not want his illness to be known to many, he only told very few people. Abrams was also always absent in his work because of his illness and decided not to tell the truth to his co-workers. Because of a fellow network personality Sean Kimerling who has the same illness with him but unluckily Sean did not survive, Abrams decided to let everyone know about his illness in honor of Sean.

Testicular cancer is happening in the testicles, the testicles are located inside of the scrotum. Testicular cancer is very rare when you compare it to other kinds of cancers. Though in American males between the ages of 15 and 35 this is the most common cancer.

Career Life of Dan Abrams


Abrams launched Mediaite in 2009, it is a blog about media news. This was the first web property of which later became many under the name of Abrams Media. The Mary Sue was included in Abrams Media as of February of 2018, it is about exploring technology and culture through a female’s lens. This included Law & Crime where they cover extraordinary legal issues and Runway Riot which is a fashion website. SportsGrid and Gossip Cop both departed from Abrams Media and know goes with another ownership.


Mediaite is a website that covers the media industry. Abrams describes the site as about the media, for the media and part of the new media.


Geeksystem is a blogsite the covers geek culture, technology, and science. It also covers internet memes and culture and science.


SporstGrid is where sports fans must go, the website is about news and information about the sport you like.

Law and Crime

Abrams released a streaming site that shows live trials in 2016 the LawNewz. It was released later on on the 24th of February 2017 and many say it is the new version of Court TV having A&E network having ties with the site. LawNewz was later on renamed on the 13th of November 2017 and now known as Law & Crime and you can access it now on most high-speed flatforms all over America.

Ambo TV

Abrams released his latest media service Ambo TV on the 15th of October 2018, Ambo TV. It streams Christian TV services which dedicate to Christian sermons. The show will have its live program during the weekends and the station is located at Abrams Media studios in the beautiful city of New York.

Books Published by Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams wrote published articles for magazines like The New York Times, and online magazines like The Huffington Post. Moreover, he published books that discuss law and politics. His books are informational and entertaining to the readers as it consistently sits at the top best selling books.

Dan Abrams at ABC News
Dan Abrams at ABC News

ABC with Dan Abrams

Abrams spent 15 years working in NBC but in February of 2011, he decided to join ABC News to become their legal analyst. After working 2 years in the station he was promoted to become the chief legal affairs anchor for the station and he also became the anchor of Nightline. He then later vacate his position in Nightline after a year, maybe it is because of schedule issues. Abrams is also frequently at the show Good Morning America contributing much to the show.

Dan Abrams at NBC

In the year 1988, it was when Dan Abrams started his career in newscasting. He was a newscaster back then covering both Wimbledon and Seoul Olympics for the NBC Sports. He then later came back to the station in 1995. After 2 years, he was promoted to become the general assignment correspondent. It was then his career started to go uphill when he became a regular to Today and Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News.

In December of 2001, Abrams started to host The Abrams Report. The show is a nightly legal affairs show after becoming the network’s chief legal correspondent. Later in 2006, the fruit of Abrams’s hard work has again shows its results. He was promoted to become the general manager of MSNBC. Though he did not last long in the position and decided to let it go after just a year.

In the year 2009, Abrams had the chance to host his show the Verdict with Dan Abrams. After a year another project came in for Abrams, he became the host of Investigation Discovery’s Chasing Justice.

Dan’s appearance at Court TV

Abrams had his big break when he was assigned to cover the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trials of the Court TV. He was also assigned to cover several cases at the time. Abrams started to work on Court TV in 1992.

Dan Abrams’ Net Worth and Salary

As said above Abrams professional news career started when he became a report on Court TV. After working there for several years he decided to resign and join another network NBC in 1997. Then later on his career he had the chance to have his own show. He then later depart with NBC to join ABC news. There Abrams had several projects including being the anchor of the show Good Morning America. He was promoted as Chief Legal Affairs Anchor after showing his dedication to his work. Being in the industry for that long and being a popular public image Abrams’s net worth is around $16 million.

The Appearance of Dan Abrams

Newscaster Dan Abrams stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 65 kilograms. Abrams has blue eyes. He dresses accordingly to maintain his image as a news anchor. Dan looks neat and clean with his appearance.

People May Ask About Dan Abrams

Does Dan Abrams have a law degree?

We all know Dan had a wide background in law and politics. Dan graduated Cum Laude in BA Political Science in 1988 at Duke University. By 1992, he received his Juris Doctor at Columbia University Law School. Dan got his honorary law degree from Stetson University.

Is Dan Abrams a lawyer?

Yes, Dan is an author, lawyer, and the Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News. Moreover, Dan is also a businessman, he owns the White Street Restaurant.