The Motherhood: When the Dream Comes True

Motherhood is a destination of every woman. Getting married or dating her chosen one, woman dreams of giving birth to a child, bringing up and give all her love to him. Nothing can be compared to the happiness from the birth of a child both parents dream about. However, unfortunately, some women face a problem of impossibility to give birth to a baby, that’s exactly why more and more of them require services of surrogate agencies.

Surrogacy as the way out of the situation

People faced sterility since ancient times. Back then, an idea of using surrogacy as the way out of such a difficult situation came up. Nowadays, surrogacy is the real godsend and the only opportunity to have a nuclear family for an increasing number of married couples. Regardless of the fact, such method requires significant costs, it doesn’t stop women from taking a unique chance to become a mother. It’s worth remembering that besides the reward to a surrogate mother, surrogacy cost also includes:

  • medical checkup of the couple and search for a surrogate mother;
  • medical checkup of a surrogate mother;
  • in vitro fertilization;
  • medicinal drugs for a surrogate mother;
  • her living and transportation expenses;
  • financial obligations of the family to the surrogate in case of an early pregnancy interruption or a failure of the in vitro fertilization;
  • surrogate mother support;
  • management of pregnancy and its maintenance, labor;
  • legal advice.

People often doubt whether they should give surrogacy a chance or not. However, when the medicine is powerless and numerous attempt of conceiving have been undergone, there is no other option than turning to such method of reproduction and finally, have an opportunity to become a happy family with a child.

How to find a surrogate mother

Each couple bent on turning to surrogacy faces a touchy issue of finding a surrogate mom. There are several options which allow couples to easily find a surrogate perceiving no psychological barriers:

  • ask a relative or a friend, you can always rely on close people and have no fear of unexpected actions or behavior, however, such option also has its disadvantage – you never know how a surrogate mother will treat a child;
  • search for advertisements on the Internet, such an option gives women an opportunity to quickly find a surrogate mother, however, there is also a great chance of turning to swindlers who will take a great amount of money for a faked pregnancy;
  • turn for help to a special surrogate agency.

A great number of families from all around the world suffer from childlessness. In some cases, it can be conditioned by genetic incompatibility between the couple, in other – by health issues. The last option, namely tuning to a surrogate agency, will be the safest and the most efficient one for each family dreaming of having a child. Surrogate agencies help you select a potential surrogate mom in a carefully checked database as well as assist you in resolving legal issues and controlling the surrogate in fulfillment of her obligations.