These IdealFit Tips Can Help You Get Lean in 15 Days

Honestly, it’s never easy to lose weight regardless of how you do it. Exposing your body to extreme workouts and foregoing your favorite cravings may seem like eternal torture. However, the end (a lean body) justifies the means.

Contrary to what many people believe, weight loss is not always a lengthy process. It can take as short as 15 days with an IdealFit weight loss program to achieve a lean body. The beautiful thing is that you can find a 15% off $100 + IdealFit discount code online for the 15-day weight loss tutorial. According to IdealFit, here are the tips that can help you lose the extra weight in just a half a month.

Daily 20-Minute HIIT

To lose weight fast, you need to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in a short period. Including high knee jumps, jumping lunges, and jump squats in your training routine may help greatly in shedding the extra fat fast. These exercises should take 20 minutes and should be done interchangeably. HIIT works by overworking your body and depriving the muscles of oxygen. In this case, an oxygen debt is created and the only way to pay your muscles back is to shed the fat.

Take Protein-Rich Diets

HIIT requires more protein to compensate for the fat burn. Protein gives you the fuel that you need to continue with the rigorous workout. The more fat you lose, the more energy you need, and you get this from the protein-rich diet that you take. You should take roughly 1g of protein/one pound of body weight. The advantage of proteins is that you can use them to overcome the craving for sweet things.

Don’t Forget the Vitamins

Inasmuch as proteins give you the fuel to do the HIIT, you need vitamins to nourish your body and condition it to assume a lean appearance. Your diet should be rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Folic Acid. You can get these vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Even if you are not a fan of greens or fruits, you’ll have to tolerate them if you are taking the 15-day weight loss challenge. Vitamins also have the advantage of healing your body from the intense workout.

Find a Support Group

Weight loss is not an individual journey. You need all the support you can get to shed the fat fast. For starters, you need a weight loss coach to help you with the training routines and the diets. You also need a private social media group with few participants to get the motivation to continue with your routine. Lastly, you need a supportive family and friends.

Get Enough Sleep

Are you aware that sleep can help you shed weight? Well, you can lose weight healthily if you sleep 8 hours or thereabout per night. Sleep helps your muscles to heal after the HIIT. In addition, it helps to relax your body and brain.


These 5 IdealFit tips are proven and tested to work. You can integrate them in your daily fitness routine or better still, enroll for the 15-day IdealFit online challenge to shed those extra pounds fast. The offer is just worth trying.