150 Stylish Short Hairstyles for Black Women to Try!

Black women are generally known to have thick, beautiful manes of hair that can become very beautiful when styled properly. However, if there’s something that black women know, it’s that their hair never listens to them the way they want to – and it is generally very difficult to style.

So, what do these women do? They go for short hair. Thankfully, short hair has become quite a trend nowadays – and despite the fact that it’s associated with boyish looks, the right hairstyle can actually make you look very ladylike.

Are you searching for some good styles of short hair for black women? Well, here are some that you can try out.

  • Loose Short Curls

short-hairstyles-for-black-women This lady did not want to let go of her curls – and a great choice she made. What she did, however, was to replace the long curls with a short mane that has a stylish yet messy look. With the right amount of moisturizer, you can rock this hairstyle – and look ladylike while you are at it as well.

  • Top Heavy Curls

When a woman has chosen the right hairstyle, it will make her look tall, beautiful, and happy – just like this lady here. By shaving her sides and leaving a curly top, she not only managed to look elegant and fresh, but she also gained a few inches in height. It’s the perfect hairstyle for women who are relatively short.

However, make sure that you use the right amount of wax and moisturizer – particularly if you have thick natural curls. Otherwise, your top may end up looking like a weird hat instead of a cool haircut.

  • Styled Curls

If your curls are naturally big or you have the time necessary to style them, then you might want to try this hairstyle out. The sides have been cut short and the top has been left a bit longer – giving that edgy yet fresh look that will make any woman feel young and restless. With the right pair of earrings, this hairstyle can make you look perfect and more feminine than any other woman with long hair.

  • The Straight Mohawk

The advantage of not having long hair is that you do not have to spend countless hours to straighten your hair – and this lady nailed it. By shaving her sides and only leaving enough for a mohawk, this lady went for a hairstyle that can be easily maintained with the right amount of moisturizer and hair wax.


  • Front Mohawk

Those who like to feel that rebellious vibe might also appreciate this hairstyle. Not unlike your usual mohawk, this one is styled to the front – giving the impression of a lengthier face and a younger expression.

Cut the bottom sides of your hair and leave the top long, mohawk style. Just use the right amount of stiff spray and bring it all symmetrically to the top front. The advantage of this haircut is that it can be styled in various ways – all of which can stand out and make you look fabulous.

arrives at the 2010 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.


  • Braided Bun

Your hair will have to be around shoulder-style fit this – but if you can pull off the twisted braid, you will not only look elegant but you will also stand out as something special.

With a little maintenance, this hairstyle can last you for a couple of days. All you will have to do is dab a little bit of moisturizer over the loose hairs in the morning and they will go back in their place. However, you may have to redo the braids in a few days because they will eventually come loose.

  • Elegant Pixie Cut


We all miss the times when Rihanna had long hair – but we have to admit it, this pixie cut serves her very well. By straightening and styling her hair, she rocked this look at Los Angeles’s Superior Court – namely at the preliminary hearing of Chris Brown after he allegedly attacked her. Unfortunate circumstances, but she still managed to look her best.

  • Loose Curls and Braids

While this might seem like a whole lot of trouble, it is actually a hairstyle that is simple to realize. Once your hair has been cut short, you should start braiding your hair on the edge until you get around two or three inches done. Once that is done,   interconnect them in the other direction. The result will be a braided frame that will make your hair on the top look like a stylish hat.

You will not even have to release the braids when you go to sleep. If made properly, they should hold for weeks – and least until your hair starts growing and the braid naturally loosens. Other than that, all you might need is a little bit of moisturizer or hair mousse to settle your curls in the morning.

  • Multicolor Bob Cut

Bob cuts are very popular nowadays for the fact that they can make your face look nice and slim. This hairstyle kept the natural brown roots – but opted for a white continuation and a few blue streaks. Bold and classy, this hairstyle will make any black woman look young and beautiful.

  • Peekaboo Short Hair

Rihanna once more proved that she can rock the short hair with this peekaboo style. While the bangs are slightly longer than your average long snip, it is certainly not any less enchanting and eye-catching. Plus, the black-and-blonde look certainly gives her that young air that will please her fans.

  • Asymmetric Long Bob

When Rihanna first appeared with her asymmetric long bob, everyone wanted to be like her. Considering that this haircut is relatively out of the norms, you could style it in several different ways and still look like a diva.

It is a hairstyle that asks for pin-straight perfection, so you might have to turn the flat iron into your new best friend. Invest in a ceramic model that will not damage your hair too much at high temperatures – and don’t forget to add moisturizer. Without it, your hair will have a fair lot to suffer.

  • Classy Buzz Cut

When in doubt, go with the buzz cut. Not many women can rock this look; however, if you have the right physiognomy – and most importantly, are brave enough – you can easily have this hairstyle. “Easy” being the keyword here, because you won’t have much maintenance to do here except for washing it. It’s the perfect hairstyle for the ladies that do not have the time to deal with their crazy hair.

  • Straight Long Bob

You can go past the traditional short bob and leave your front bangs longer. They will frame your face and won’t make you feel as if you cut such a big chunk of your hair. With a good straightener and some quality hair mouse, this style of short hair for black women will make you stand out on the streets.

  • Tall Pixie Spikes

One surefire way to make you look taller is to bring your hair up in spikes. Granted, you might need a fair amount of hairspray and teasing to do so – but the end result will be totally worth it.

Simply put your hair into a long top pixie – and instead of letting your hair loose, tease it up. It will give you that child-like fresh look that is rebellious and stylish at the same time.

  • Loose Curls

If you are lucky enough to have big, wavy curls, then this hairstyle is just for you. You will need a bit of moisturizer and some mousse to keep your curls nice and bouncy – but other than that, this style is natural and easy to maintain.

You can part your hair on either side, no matter if you are a leftie or a righty. Either way, the contrast of little hair on one side and a full mane on the other will look stylish, perfect to top with a nice pair of earrings.

  • Fabulous Braids

Bob braids can be really time-consuming to make – but once you are finished with them, they can last you a much longer time than any other hairstyle. Plus, they are much easier to maintain, mainly because the braids won’t go crazy on you as the curls do.

Bear in mind that in order for you to get a shoulder-length box braided bob, your hair will have to be an inch or so longer than your intended length for the final result. You might also want to spray a mix of olive oil and water on your hair strands before mixing, just to make the braiding easier to deal with.

  • Blonde Short Pixie

Pixie cuts – to the point that you could almost call them buzz cuts – are all the rage nowadays. They are easy to maintain, and will only require a wash every few days to get rid of the dirt and any potential sebum on the scalp. The only thing you might need is some moisturizer – just to ensure your hair ends up nice and smooth in case you decide to grow it back.

This girl decided to dye her hair bright blonde, which is a nice contrast to her darker skin. It makes her look young and free – and a hairstyle of this length is definitely a blessing in the warm summer months.

  • Side Even Bob

Rihanna strikes again – and this time, with an even bob that has its parting on the side. Elegant and simple, this hairdo can be easily maintained with a hair straightener and some hairspray. Among the many styles of short hair for black women, this one is certainly the most sought for.

Bear in mind that if your hair is naturally very curly, this might be quite difficult for you to maintain. If you can afford it, you can go for a keratin treatment which will straighten your hair and give you that amazing glossy look.

  • Pink Long Bob

We all need to add some color into our lives – and if you are willing to dye your hair, this pink long bob is certainly what you need.

The length of the hair is perfect to frame your face and will make you feel good knowing that you haven’t cut off all your hair. Moreover, the pink ombre will highlight the complexion of your face – making you look young and beautiful, regardless of your age.

  • Green Shaved Pixie

‘Tis the season for crazy colors, and if you are brave enough to add metallic green into your hair, then this hairstyle is just right for you. Simply shave off the bottom part of your hair, and cut your top part until only a few inches are left – just enough to leave some pixie bangs.

After that, dye it all metallic green and style with some mousse. You can style it however you want, but our suggestion would be to make it in a flat mohawk, with the front bangs twirling towards the sides.

  • Natural Beach Waves

This is perhaps one of the most stylish hairstyles that you can have without too much trouble – provided your hair has been previously straightened or is just naturally wavy.

The cut is simple: an even bob that was cut at a shoulder length. After that, all you will need is some big curlers to offer a certain shape to your hair. The blonde highlights will do the rest by providing that beachy fresh look we are all looking for.

  • Elegant Curls

Michelle Obama has certainly discovered a great way to sport some cute, easy, and casual curls. Beginning with an angled bob, she curled her hair all over in small sections. This can be done with a curling iron or no-heat curlers.

The curls look tousled – but at the same time, they have been arranged with style. Using a good hairspray, she managed to look fabulous all day long – just as an important woman of her rank should be.

  • The Short Pixie

Rihanna once more proved that she can pull off any hairstyle with class – and this pixie is proof of it. Leaving just enough hair to show off a wavy flair, this will look natural and stylish on every woman. Among the many styles of short hair for black women, this is one of the easiest to maintain since it only requires a bit of moisturizer in the morning – and the regular hair wash, of course.

  • Short Pixie

The right frame of the face can make a simple pixie cut the perfect choice for your hair. A few short bangs, a couple of messy strands – and you have a hairstyle that is not only classy but also easy to maintain. Plus, if you are a fan of makeup, this type of haircut will bring attention to your jewelry and makeup rather than to your unruly hair.

  • Highlighted Short Afro

When you can’t beat them, join them. If your curls are pretty much on the wild side, you should stop going against their will – and join them. Cut your hair like you would a long pixie, and then pack up with moisturizer and leave-in conditioner.

Here, the blonde tips are also giving off a fresh look. It is elegant – but with a type of wilderness that should keep you sharp.

  • Blue Pixie

What were we saying about crazy colors? Yes, that they are always in style. This lady went for a pixie haircut that combines loose curls with a beautiful aqua hair dye. It gives her that rebellious yet elegant look which can go with any type of outfit. Regardless of where you are going, with this hairdo, you will be the center of attention.

  • Playful Ringlets

If you have been blessed with natural bouncy ringlets, do not let them go. Moisturize and condition them, dye the tips a brighter color (in this case, blonde), and pin them up so that you end up with ringlet bangs on your forehead. This hairstyle is playful – but at the same time, it is very classy and fresh. It will definitely make you look hot, regardless of the season.

  • Stunning Afro Pixie

Sometimes, the natural afro is just the way to go. However, since it is quite difficult to style a classic same-length afro, you might want to go for a long pixie version instead. It will keep your hair’s volume relatively under control – and you may embrace their unpredictable ways. The results will be a natural, disheveled diva that will look beautiful wherever she goes.

  • Blonde Highlights

There are certain hair products that you can use to straighten your hair without having to use straighteners or any type of heat. These sprays or hair moisturizers will soften the components of the hair, making it loosen up.

You might want to choose this over heat mainly because the blonde dye will have already damaged your hair. However, the result will be nice and summery – with a fresh sun-kissed vibe given by the highlights.

Now, once you have given your hair that heavy top pixie haircut, put your hair through the heatless hair curlers. It doesn’t really matter if you have a few strands popping up here and there; it will just give off that “messy elegant” look.

  • The Free Pixie

Those who do not want to let go of their natural curls might certainly like this haircut. Granted, this will mostly depend on how obedient your hair is; but as long as you leave your hair not too long, nor too short, it should be easy to maintain.

Practically, with this type of pixie cut, all you will have to do is brush your hair in the morning and add some moisturizer. You may also want to invest in a good leave-in conditioner since it will help you define your curls.

  • Platinum Pixie Highlights

White or platinum is the perfect color to contrast with natural black hair – which is why this pixie is such a great choice. Plus, once brushed into the right direction, the highlights will look evenly spread, in a messy yet fashionable manner.

The advantage is that you won’t even need to bother a lot with this hairstyle. Granted, you may have to continuously strengthen it if your hair is naturally curly – but if your hair is relatively straight, all you might need is a little bit of moisturizer.

  • The Short Pixie

If you really do not want to be bothered about your hair, then this is the hairstyle for you. If your curls are taking a life of their own and you can no longer handle their moods every morning, then leaving your hair at just a few inches will solve this problem of yours.

Bear in mind that you will still need moisturizer – and maybe a little bit of mousse to prevent any stray hairs from popping up like an antenna. Other than that, however, if you are looking for some good styles of short hair for black women, this one might be down your alley.

  • Flaming Curls

Red and black have always mixed together pretty well – and by mixing natural ringlets with an asymmetric bob, you can get a really stunning look. The red on the ends of her hair do a great job at defining her curls – making them pop in the light.

To create this hairstyle, simply die the ends of your longer ringlets, and then pin up the short hair that you have in your back. Let the rest fall lose into the side.

arrives at the 2010 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Singer Rihanna appears at a preliminary hearing at Superior Court of Los Angeles County on June 23, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The preliminary hearing is to determine if Chris Brown will stand trial for allegedly attacking pop singer Rihanna, during an argument in a rented Lamborghini sports car following a pre-Grammy Awards party on February 8, 2009. He is currently free on $50,000 bail. (Photo by Lori Shepler-Pool/Getty Images)

Final Thoughts

Black women can’t always keep their hair under control – particularly since most of them have thick curls that are going in every possible direction. Now, you can either straighten your hair – or embrace your curls – but regardless of your choice, there is always a style of short hair for black women that you can go for.

The advantage of short hair is that it’s easier to maintain compared to long hair – and the shorter it is, the less hassling it will be. However, be careful to arm yourself with leave-in conditioner and moisturizer – because that is how your locks will stay glossy and frizz-free.