Top 10 Downright Odd Movie and TV Merchandise

Wanting to show your love for favourite film or tv series? Faint of heart, look away now…
10. Let’s ease you in gently with the actually quite funky Terminator USB memory stick. This little beauty holds 2Gb of data, has Swarovski rhinestone eyes but will set you back around £100…

9. Wanting to watch your favourite film with your favourite character looking back at you? Here is the Stitch TV – guaranteed to give you a complex!


8. Well, after those it’s time to give you a blast from the past. Guys of a certain age – brace yourselves! It’s the 1970′s Doctor Who undies! Why? Ohmigod why?!

7. Whoa. Moving on… Now you too can munch toast AND show your support for the Empire – it’s Darth Toaster!

6. Want to snuggle up to your very own cute teddy? Why not get the lovely, plush, huggable Predator! Nuff said.

5. Something scary under the bed? Identify it with the Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters – careful, it vibrates…

4. Is dressing yourself up in a superhero costume too passé? Behold – the Spider Dog!
spider dog

3. Feel like Bella Swan? Then why not wear her inspired bra???!

2. Perhaps the most bizarre piece of merchandise is the lifesize Chestburster! Blimey we film fans are weird! (*buxom lady not included)


1. Once a Trek fan, always a Trek fan? Go out in style in a photon torpedo tube coffin just like Spock!

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