Cool Biker Necklace Designs You Ought to Consider

When you want to create a cohesive biker-inspired look, you can’t do without accessories. Biker rings, wallet chains, bracelets, and necklaces contribute to your image of a tough-as-nails guy. For an everyday look, you can go with a single jewelry piece but when you are surrounded by fellow bikers, you must act like them and look like them. This includes proper motorcycle outfits and jewelry to add more character to your appearance. The favorite biker jewelry is probably rings adorned with common motorcycle symbolism. However, you can’t ignore gripping, formidable, and edgy biker necklaces, too.

Why Do Bikers Wear Necklaces

  1. To Look Badass. A powerful two-wheeler, leather jacket, and massive jewelry resting upon a muscular chest – what can be more commanding and tough? No one can deny that bikers ooze masculinity when they look like that. Necklaces are among the important elements of this attention-grabbing appearance.
  2. To make their look cohesive. When it comes to biker style, it is right in-your-face and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. To achieve harmony in their image, riders flaunt their iconic outfits, proper accessories, and, of course, the right attitude. Everything that can be accessorized must be accessorized – this is the unspoken motto of daredevil motorcyclists. The chest can’t be stark naked, especially in contrast with wrists and fingers. This is the place where a necklace belongs and period.
  3. To show off biker symbolism. The major reason that riders rock their jewelry is to convey a certain message and draw in good luck. When you spot a stout biker skull necklace, its foremost purpose is to be a talisman (it is believed that a skull sign protects against death) and only then it is a dashing accessory.

The best Biker Necklaces Designs

We love biker necklaces because they are so different yet they carry a lot of similar features. Massiveness, durability, impressive weight, and symbolism – these properties unite all biker items. At the same time, bikers appreciate individuality and self-expression so designs and styles vary dramatically. We singled out these fierce biker necklace designs for your accessory collection:

Skull Chain Necklace

Skull is no doubt the main biker symbol. This ubiquitous image can be found everywhere – on motorcycles, biker apparel, gears, tattoos, and, of course, jewelry. Although many people believe that skulls are associated with death and danger, motorcyclists have diametrically opposite views. For them, a skull is a symbol of immortality and a guardian angel. It is also an element that unites all bikers into a motley yet strong brotherhood. There are several ways to implement a skull into a necklace but we suggest sticking to these popular designs: a skull pendant on a rather thin necklace or a burly necklace with skulls carved on each link. If you don’t know which necklace to chose, check this blog out and get the idea on things you should consider when hunting down cool-looking motorcycle gears.

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Curb Chain Necklace

Although this is not exactly biker design, it is popular among motorcyclists, too. It is as simple as a thick chain with a durable curb (Cuban) weaving of short to medium length. It is a pretty versatile item that looks appropriate with any outfit style, even with elegant suits (of course, if its size is not over-the-top). This design found many fans in the biker community due to respectful weight, solid look, and extreme durability. Besides, it looks awesome when paired with other body ornaments, even if you go with multi-layered necklaces.

Leather Necklace

Bikers are huge fans of leather and they just couldn’t ignore this material for jewelry. Leather necklaces perfectly blend in with biker jackets creating a complementary combination. If you incline to a romantic biker image, you can’t go wrong with a leather cord necklace adorned with a silver pendant. Such models feature a medium size so you can flaunt them either under or above your tee. For a more masculine appearance, opt for a thick short necklace made of several weaved leather stripes and embellished with studs.

Iron Cross Necklace

The Iron Cross, the controversial symbol due to its relation to Nazi Germany, is one of the oldest biker symbols. When you see a motorcyclist flaunting an Iron Cross necklace you should know that he has nothing to do with nationalism and all that stuff. For riders, this symbol is a way to show off their courage and bravery. The founders of the biker movement fought on the battlefields during the Second World War and took away the awards of defeated enemy soldiers. They put them on to manifest their military prowess and to establish themselves as courageous soldiers. Upon returning home, the Iron Cross attached to clothing began to symbolize disobedience and protest against capitalist society. If you want to demonstrate your rebellious nature, then do not hesitate to don a biker Iron Cross necklace.