Unconventional ways to Improve Your Casino Game Wins

Succeeding in any gambling endeavour requires a great deal of luck. However, Winning at the casino tables is a product of more than just luck. You need to be intentional and strategic. Strategies ensure that you play with a pattern and not carelessly. Nevertheless, many existing casino gambling strategies are widespread and not so effective. Not to worry, we’re exposing some unusual gaming strategies that’ll improve your chances of success.

How Exactly Does a Gambling Strategy Work?

So before getting into the strategies, let’s understand how a typical one works for the benefit of newcomers. Now, you may know that winning at casino games requires a good deal of luck. However, what you may not have learned is that strategies improve the odds of making winning moves, despite uncertainty. In essence, a gambling strategy or trick adds a pattern to any game, such that you are more likely to produce a win.

So, the tips we’re bringing you all function to improve your winning odds when gaming. And without further ado, let’s get into it.

Know the Odds

So, the first tip to consider whenever you step into a casino is to know the odds of whatever game you’re playing. You can not miss this. That is because to establish any advantage over your opponents and the casino, you’ll need to know the odds. Also, most strategies we’ll mention subsequently depend on the odds.

So what exactly is an odd? As you may know, an odd in casino gambling is the measure of the possibility of making a profit against your wager amount. In other words, an odd is a measure of how much you can win, against how much you bet, based on probability.

For example, in the American Roulette game, you can bet on one out of 38 numbers. The odds of landing a win in a single spin is 1/38 and about 2.3%. With this knowledge, you’ll know exactly what you’re up against and play accordingly.

Play Against the Dealer, if Possible

This is one of the most underrated table game strategies that few people use. Playing with the dealer directly, with nobody on the table, has a lot of unseen advantages. First, the distribution of cards is not the same when you face the dealer alone. And the casinos typically guard against this because your chances of drawing high-value cards increase as the number of players reduces. So when you play directly against the dealer, the chances of attracting the necessary cards are good.

You may also wonder, doesn’t the casino have the same advantage I do on the tables? And the answer is not quite. Coming to the tables, the casino is already at an advantage because of the house edge. Also, the dealer wins every time you bust, so you are merely levelling up by taking the dealer one on one.

In a nutshell, If you have the advantage of facing the dealer with no one else on the table, then you are on a good track. If you play an online casino, there is a possibility to increase your chances with a bonus system. So if you need a no deposit bonus UK casino we recommend you check out https://www.slotozilla.com/uk/match-deposit-bonus – it definitely will help you to find the best online casino.

Consider D’Alembert’s System

D’Alembert’s betting system is one beneficial betting strategy. It is named after a French mathematician and gambler, Jean le Rond d’Alembert. And the strategy is pretty simple. It requires players to increase their bet size by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win. To achieve this, you must first decide on your base staking bet. This can be whatever value you choose, but you should keep it at 5% of your total bank toll.

When wagering, you can start with a small bet size, even if it is a unit. Upon losing, increase your stake size by one unit. For example, say your base was $4. You would need to increase the stake to $8. And on the other hand, you’ll have to decrease the stake by one upon winning.

Essentially, D’Alembert’s system is helpful because you’ll come out on top even if you lose the same number of bets as you win. Also, since the stakes are increased slowly, the chances of your bets getting very high are slim. Nevertheless, you must understand that D’Alembert’s principle is only fully effective with a winning streak. And it can go wrong on a losing run.

In addition, the following are some of the best casino games to practice D’Alembert’s principle with.

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Slot games, etc

Parlay Bets

Parlaying bets is another effective yet underrated strategy that improves your odds at casino games. It fuses two or more bets into one for better odds and lower risks. In simple terms, think of it as making one bet that depends on many events. For instance, say the odds of winning $1,000 the traditional way, with a stake of $10, is one in 10,000. An even-money parlay would see the bet split into seven stakes, each one depending on the success of the other.

For a better understanding, let’s study the table below:

Wager Odds Outcome
$10 2.0 $20
$20 2.0 $40
$40 2.0 $80
$80 2.0 $160
$160 2.0 $320
$320 2.0 $640
$640 2.0 $1240

From the above parlay, a total win of $1240 has been realized with an initial bet size of $10. The same outcome would have resulted from a single $10 bet with ×14 odds, but the parlay improved the chances while lowering the risk. And with a reduced risk comes a lower payout but a higher probability of an ultimate winning wager.

Also, this strategy has ups and downs, as some casinos wouldn’t let you stake a parlay of more than a few bets. In addition, the following are the most suitable casino games that you can explore with the parlay betting strategy:

  • Sports games
  • Horse racing
  • Virtual games etc.

Control the Dice

Dice setting is very overlooked at casino games, as it is pretty unconventional. However, it is still a useful technique for games involving a roll of the dice. And the idea is quite simple. You only have to control the tendency of your dice to land exactly where you want them. You do this by holding the dice in a certain position and throwing them with just enough force to flip them maybe once or twice, depending. And provided you do it carefully, you should get your outcome at least five out of ten rolls.

Dice setting may not be easy to achieve, but it does play its role. Also, most casinos do not implement measures to prevent Dice setting, so it shouldn’t be against the house rules.


In summary, winning at casino games goes beyond luck. And you’ll need to add some techniques to your casino gambling. Not just common everyday techniques that have been figured out by the average gambler. But unconventional and subtle ones that serve to better your chances. Fortunately, this piece has done enough in bringing you some of the most helpful gaming tips to distinguish you at the tables.