Seriously Strange Social Sites

I’m a big fan of Social Networking Sites, mainly because of the type of work I do. Well that’s what I tell everyone anyway! I secretly can’t get enough of some of these sites. I think I might be an addict… Some social sites out there are a bit strange in theme or concept, some definitely won’t be discussing stuff like, the V Festival 2011 or be posting Album Reviews on their sites, such as

My vice really is Facebook and it is probably going to get me in big trouble one of these days. I have already had a few run ins with people who don’t share the same opinions as me. But that is what the delete button is for and I for one am not scared to use it. As I work solely from home my only bit of company during the day is Facebook. I can catch up  my friends while I’m working or looking after my little girl. That is how these social sites have cashed in. No one has loads of time to spend with friends now what with how much time we spend working, so why not chat away!

Twitter is also one I use quite often but I don’t find this as addictive as Facebook as no one really interacts with you directly. I use it to keep up to date with what is going on in the World out there and mainly track my favourite TV Shows and see what people are up to i.e. famous faces I like to follow. I don’t find it much of a online community but rather more of a highway of information!

But if neither of these aqre your bag maybe you might consider joining some different social sites that may be more your kind of thing…

Vampire Social Site

This is a site for all you blood suckers out there! It covers everything from the obvious vampires, but also goths, heavy metal and alternative music. So what you waiting for Fangbangers!

Dark Underworld

This is just a small community based site, which describes itself as anything goes! A bit dark and discusses most topics but homes in on the darker side of life….or indeed death.

Mustache Dating

A free networking and dating site for people passionate about mustaches. Discussions are purely around the stache, how to look after it and how to find others who are equally passionate about this facial hair trend!

Calling all Heaven wannabe’s!

This is the strangest idea so far. You leave confessions and play games in order to earn Karma points. The more points you have the closer you are to God. Form an orderly queue people, don’t all stampede at once! I have to say I actually doubled up laughing at this one but personally it’s just not my cup of tea. Save your Soul online by doing good deeds!

Dream a little dream!

Is a site for people whom wish to learn the meanings behind their nightly dreams and who else is having similar dreams. You can also form a dream circle in which you discuss your dreams with a selected few.

For the undead dead?

This is a fascinating idea. This site uses all the information fed into it by users to make a zombie movie, it’s genius! They also discuss all this Zombie related too.

Remember your loved ones online


Treasure memories of your loved ones online for free here. There are also tributes of the rich and famous for you to browse. Share photos and memories with each other on this online Memorial site.

Hamster Lovers

For those of you who love all things small ,cute and furry. Covers all aspects of Hamster keeping on this online community page. Also Cat and Dog versions online.

More Info:

All things Goth

For all you single goths out there this is an online dating forum specifically for goths who are  seeking a relationship. This is also a site in which you can become part of the goth community and discuss everything from music to the Occult.

More Info:

Stars and planets?

Specifically built for all Sci-fi fans, you can edit stars and planets on this online fictional galaxy. You can even create whole Universes.

Some other sites you may like to try are , and

So happy hunting…

Demon Chick xx