Use These 10 Fun Gift Ideas to Become Their Favorite Aunt This Christmas

Want to Be the “Cool” Aunt? Here Are 10 Fun Christmas Gifts for Teens

The teenage brain is hard to understand.

Because of this, Christmas shopping for the perfect gifts for the teenagers in your family can be a long, challenging process. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve put together the best Christmas gifts for teens that’ll turn you into the favorite aunt this year.

So let’s get started!

  1. Stick-On Phone Pocket

Teenagers love their phones. In fact, about 45% of all teenagers are online on their phones constantly.

As they get older, teenagers also get things like driver’s licenses, debit cards, and student IDs. A stick-on phone pocket gives them an easy way to keep these cards with them at all times.

Your nieces and nephews will definitely appreciate this gift since it’ll help them stop forgetting their money at home.

  1. External Charger

Remember how most teenagers spend all day on their phones? An external battery pack will help them keep their phones charged while they’re out and about.

This gift might even make you the favorite sister/sister-in-law as well as the favorite aunt. A fully charged phone means no excuses for missing mom and dad’s calls!

  1. Giant Bean Bag Chair 

A giant bean bag chair isn’t just a comfortable place to sit. It also adds personality and style to a teenager’s bedroom.

This will give them a nice spot to read, do homework, play video games, or scroll through social media. It’ll also give friends a place to crash when they hang out or spend the night.

  1. Blue Tooth Speaker

Your teenage nieces and nephews are influenced by music. It can lift their mood and help them relate to their peers.

So give them a way to listen to their favorite songs on full volume!

The teenagers in your life will love taking one of these speakers to the park, to their friends’ houses, or just out and about. You can even go one step farther and give them a water-resistant speaker so they can enjoy their music at the beach or pool.

  1. Nerf Guns

Nerf guns aren’t just for rowdy 10-year-olds. They can get teenagers off the TV and into an all-out Nerf gun war!

And you don’t need to buy anything fancy either. Even simple Nerf guns can entertain teenagers for hours. If you don’t know much about Nerf guns, you can learn more here.

  1. Mini Polaroid Camera

Many teenagers snap pictures of themselves and their friends wherever they go. It’s a good way to document good memories.

If you have a budding photographer for a niece or nephew, they’ll enjoy a mini polaroid camera. They can snap pictures, get the pictures right away, and share them with their friends.

  1. College Supplies 

Older teenagers might be getting ready to head off to college. Getting college supplies as a Christmas present might not be as exciting as some of the other choices on this list, but they’ll really appreciate not having to pay for these items themselves!

You can get them fun decor items like picture frames, a service pack of basic school supplies, or essentials like bedding. If your nieces or nephews are excited about college, they’ll love any college supplies you give them.

  1. Actual handwriting bracelet

These are custom made gifts. People will love these types of gifts as they are very much unique. And of course, all teenagers love this.

The manufacturers will custom-make the bracelet using your own handwriting. So, you can write whatever you wish to have. This is one of the cheapest and unique gifts to present.

  1. Iron Hair straightener

No people now-a-days wish to go for parlor for straightening or curling their hair. From teenage to adult, people like to make up their hair.

Generally, 90% of the teenage girls use straighteners and of course teenage boys also wish to have.  So, straightener will be a good choice of gifting and will be a very useful product.

  1. DIY gifts

Christmas is a great celebration and we celebrate it by gifting people. Everyone feels happy when gifted. To inspire more, DIY gift speaks loud. DIY gifts will be unforgettable one as these gifts are made especially for person by considering their likes and dislikes.

DIY products can be an ornament for the tree like stitched sleigh ornament, Paper candle ornament, Rudolph ornament, blue marble ornament etc.

Become the Favorite Aunt with These Christmas Gifts for Teens

Picking out Christmas gifts for teens can be a hard process. But if you stick to some of these ideas, you’ll become the favorite aunt this year—easy.

Want to learn some other fun ways to interact with your nieces and nephews?

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