Fun Ways to Celebrate a Girls’ Night In

Going out is always fun but with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s much safer to swap a night out on the town for a fun night in with the girls. The pandemic has reminded us about the importance of being able to spend some quality time with the people we love the most. Nevertheless, we should still be weary of the dangers of meeting indoors and take the necessary precautions to protect both ourselves and loved ones. Tips for keeping safe include keeping plenty of hand sanitizer around, keeping your distances, and avoiding sharing food or drink from the same plates or cups.

Just because you should be mindful about keeping safe during the pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Just make sure to invite two or three friends at maximum to lower the risk of infection. Another option is to take the activities outside if possible. If you are lucky enough to live in a regularly warm climate, you could host your girls’ night outside. Light an outdoor fire or set up a garden projector in order to stay outside comfortably. There are no limits to girls’ night, you can choose to host a wine and cheese night, movie night, book club night, or pampering session. You can even combine all four, just make sure to keep safe whilst doing so!

Pamper Yourselves

Everyone enjoys a great pampering session, especially after working hard during the week. This is a great way to relax and unwind with your girls. Make sure you set the mood, you can do this by lighting some relaxing candles or incense. Tell your guests to come prepared for a night full of pampering, this means no dressing up. Let your guests know that you expect to see them in pyjamas and bathrobes for a night full of luxurious comfort.

You could decide to give each other mani-pedis or you could make your own face mask from natural ingredients. DIY face masks can be easily made with ingredients that are in your kitchen, like avocados and honey. Don’t forget to offer all of your friends’ hot chocolate or tea upon arrival.

Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Gathering around the table with some delicious cheeses and a few bottles of wine is the perfect recipe for an amazing girls’ night in. Be prepared for a night full of laughter, gossip, and of course wine. This could be a great time to play some fun games with your gals and get to know them better.

Grab yourself a chopping board, some crackers, grapes, a selection of cheeses, and a wine box. If you really want to impress the girls, why not pair the wine with the cheeses? The best cheeses for a wine night include blue, brie, gruyere, and goat’s cheese.

Host a Movie Marathon

Don’t spend hours scrolling on Netflix trying to decide what to watch. Pick a genre and run with it. You could choose to binge-watch romantic comedies or if you are brave enough, a whole saga of horror movies. Another fun idea is for everyone to suggest a movie, write it down and place the suggestion in a bowl. You can then take turns to pick a movie, with this method everyone wins!

Some movies are so iconic that they are worth watching over and over again. You could decide to watch a familiar franchise in order.  The Harry Potter franchise is a classic choice for movie nights. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to have plenty of popcorn and blankets!

Start a Book Club

Many people have sadly lost touch with the beauty of reading, therefore, what better way to get back into it than by starting your own book club? There are a few factors to consider when starting up your own book club.

You should consider the genre of the books, the reading level needed, and the length. Not everyone can read at the same pace nor will everyone be interested in the same topics so make sure to account for everyone’s needs. If you are lost for inspiration, here are some amazing reads.

A girls’ night in gives you the opportunity to spend quality bonding time with your closest friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. The most important part of hosting a ‘girls’ night in’ is that you all enjoy yourselves – no matter what activity you choose to do. Call up your girls, get together, and let the fun begin!