What Are Yoni Eggs and How Can They Improve Your Sex Life?

Yoni eggs, or jade eggs, are sensual tools used by women to improve their sexual life, while adding more pleasure and control into their lives. Yoni eggs are made from gorgeous, semi precious stones that are carved and polished into an egg shape. A hole is then drilled through the top of the egg and strung with a non-waxy string that can be used to pull the egg down and create resistance.

It is said that Yoni eggs have been used for millennia by Chinese empresses and concubines to awaken the erotic power and sensuality, and maintain health. Until very recently, this practice was available only to the royal Chinese family and Taoist practitioners.  The word Yoni is Sanskrit for “sacred space”. It has been a blessed symbol in Eastern cultures for years, representing love, life, and creativity.

Yoni eggs are used by placing them inside the vagina in order to strengthen pelvic muscles. Different Yoni egg products have different benefits for women’s vaginal health when used regularly. One must learn more about the benefits of Yoni eggs, which can vary from an entirely physical to more spiritual and energetic, all depending on the way in which the egg is used. In order to reap the Yoni eggs’ benefits, one must commit to doing practices regularly.

Here are a few ways through which Yoni eggs can improve your sex life and overall health:

1. Changing Your Relationship with Your Female Parts

Yoni eggs help women discover their bodies at a deeper level. Women’s bodies, unlike men’s, exist primarily inside. Men have their anatomy “sticking out”, making it easier for them to discover their bodies. For women, things are a lot more different. Since our anatomy is buried inside, it’s not always available for us to pay attention to. Yoni eggs offer a marvelous way for you to pay more attention to your “parts”.

Most women prefer using particular stones, such as rose quartz or jade, to develop a deeper connection with their bodies with certain crystal qualities. Many women claim that their Yoni eggs helped them observe and honor their vaginas. Other than wearing the egg, you can also use the egg for deeper practices. By taking the time to do these practices, you get the chance to cultivate more energy, and develop a better connection to your parts.

2. Improving Comfort

Using your Yoni egg regularly has been shown to aid in the reduction of PMS symptoms. In some instances, use of Yoni eggs has been proven to reduce menstrual cramps. By using Yoni eggs, you can help make your time of the month much more comfortable. The more regularly you use your egg, the better the results you will see. Adding a Yoni egg to your sex-toy collection can ensure that it’s available for you to practice with whenever you have the chance. Furthermore, keeping a Yoni egg at hand could help you maintain your comfort over time.

3. Increasing Youth

Not only does regular use of Yoni eggs help you gain more control over your vaginal muscles, but apparently it can also make your face look more youthful. It appears that the strength of the internal layer of women’s vaginal walls is directly related to collagen production, which helps your face look younger. Though there is still no medical proof to validate this claim, it serves as a motivator to keep you doing Yoni egg exercises. Many people have claimed to see changes in their looks after using Yoni eggs, claiming that it has made them look younger. Additionally, strengthening of vaginal muscles has been tied to an increase in confidence.

4. Improving Libido

Regular use of Yoni eggs has been shown to highly enhance women’s libido and sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that Yoni eggs help in the development of tissue and nerve endings in the vagina, making sex much more pleasurable over time. Moreover, using a high quality Yoni egg offers a plethora of benefits that help make your sexual experiences much more enjoyable. The most useful kinds of Yoni eggs for sexual enhancement include rose quartz and jade. You’ll actually be amazed by how much quality can improve your egg’s effectiveness. Although high quality pieces aren’t cheap, they are definitely worth the cost.

5. Increasing Orgasmic Response

Not only can Yoni eggs improve your libido, but they can also increase your orgasmic pleasure. Since many women find it challenging to achieve orgasm, this is one of the important things Yoni eggs can offer. It’s no secret that many women are ashamed of this area, and especially their inability to have orgasms.  It’s important for women to realize that experiencing pleasure is a path that leads to empowerment, and that it should be sought out.

While the bottom of a woman’s body is referred to as the pelvic floor, it is not at all flat. Instead, it’s actually a curved musculature that keeps your internal organs in place; that includes your sex organs. Pelvic muscles play a crucial role in your body’s structural support. It basically works as a foundation for your body, allowing you to feel centered, grounded, and stable.

Pelvic muscles contract during orgasm and so, by using Yoni eggs to strengthen and tone pelvic muscles, you can directly improve orgasmic contractions. This basically means that when you orgasm, you will feel more pleasure. By simply wearing the egg and doing regular practices, you will be able to enhance your pleasure.

Yoni eggs provide a totally private sexual experience. With mindfulness and intention, you will be able to gain all the benefits of this small object. Bear in mind that it requires plenty of practice to be able to fully engage your pelvic muscles, so worry not if it doesn’t work well immediately. As long as you practice often, your muscles will build little by little, just don’t be too forceful.

Bear in mind that when your pelvic muscles are toned and relaxed, and can properly contract and expand, you can begin to experience that part of your body differently, allowing for an amazing experience. Always remember that your vagina is a sacred space, so you always need to take care of it. Always keep strength and good energy in mind, and you will experience incredible changes.