3 Sexual Health Facilities You Should Know About When Living in Boulder

Our body is like a temple. So, taking care of all aspects of your health is essential for enjoying your life. You need to exercise, eat nutritious food, and get a medical checkup from a doctor occasionally. Sexual health is an essential matter of human life, especially in terms of women’s sexual health. You should also remember not to neglect your sexual or gynecological health as well. If you experience unusual symptoms or you want to change your birth control policy, visit one of these sexual health facilities in Boulder, Colorado. It will help you to be a new human being.

  1. The Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

The Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center is a nonprofit facility with locations in Boulder and Longmont. Basically, this organization provides solutions of sexual problem to women but men’s are also allowed avail a limited number of services from here. The Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center provides all gynecological and sexual solutions in complete confidential manner. Women’s are little ignorant about their sexual health. So, confidentiality is a key service point of Boulder Valley. It provides comprehensive, accessible, confidential gynecological and reproductive health care to the community. You can get a pelvic exam and Pap smear, breast cancer screening, a biopsy, and more if needed. Men can choose STI testing, a vasectomy, and general sexual health care, as well. This organization helps you to get rid of your sexual issues and your birth control system.

Spanish speakers are welcome, and there’s a Teen Clinic with annual exams, STI testing, HPV vaccinations, and birth control consultations. Most services for people under 18 years old are free. There’s also a clinic for transgender and no binary individuals who need general health care or hormone therapy. The Boulder location is open Monday to Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. They’re closed for lunch on those days from 1 to 2 p.m. You can also visit on Thursday from 2 to 6 p.m. or Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Teen Clinic is open on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  1. The University of Colorado Boulder Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic is on the second floor of the Warden burg Health Center. The staff members include a gynecologist, registered nurse, nurse practitioners, and health care technicians. It provides annual exams, preventative care, breast exams, sexual health exams, birth control prescriptions, pregnancy testing, HPV vaccinations, and PrEP, a prophylactic treatment to prevent HIV. Walk-in STI testing with a nurse is available for men and women.

  1. An Online Professional

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Sometimes your life is so hectic that it’s hard to find time to go to a sexual health facility. An in-person visit could also be awkward and embarrassing sometimes, but you can’t neglect your sexual health. Your tension is over now. With Nurx, you can get an online consultation and speak to a doctor or a nurse online and get the medication that’s best for you quickly and easily at that point of time. Expert treatment related to abnormal Pap smears, endometriosis, menopause, Birth control, PrEP, HPV screening, and emergency contraception are available on Nurx.

Plan B One-Step is sold over the counter, so you don’t even need to get a prescription. You can use it as a family planning option with a nominal side effect. It uses levonorgestrel, a type of progestin, to stop or delay ovulation, prevent fertilization process, and keep eggs from attaching to the uterus’s lining. It’s an ideal form of backup contraception when a condom breaks or you forget your regular birth control method. You should take it within three days, and it works best if you use it as soon as possible. Side effects are rare, but it may not work as well as your primary form of birth control and it can’t be recommended using on regular basis.

Fortunately, a variety of sexual health care options are available in Boulder. Anyone should be able to find the services they need to help take good care of them and prevent harmful illnesses and other issues. They are specialist on various gynecological problems like Colposcopy, LEEP or Loop electrosurgical excision procedure, Cryosurgery, Endometrial and Vulvar Biopsy etc. It will help you to be a sexually fit person. Apart from this they are available for good teen care unit as well.