Low Testosterone Treatment Options

The best treatment for low testosterone depends largely on the reason behind low levels of testosterone. In most cases, you would be recommended to try to increase your testosterone levels naturally. However, this may not work in all cases. In such a situation, you may have to turn to supplements or testosterone therapy.

Low testosterone in men is in some cases treated restoratively, with testosterone supplementation. While sometimes, it can be treated by changing lifestyle such as eating foods that increase the level of testosterone etc.

Treating the condition that is responsible for low testosterone levels can help reestablish the levels. But, it’s not generally conceivable to find a reason for testosterone irregularities.

The following treatments are available for treating hypogonadism or low testosterone:

●      Applying topical gels

●      Applying patches

●      Testosterone Injection

●      Testosterone Implantation

Both men and women may take testosterone treatment. A lady may take testosterone to enhance sex drive and decrease sexual brokenness. But, ladies must have a balanced level of estrogen before treatment.

Treatment Options

Testosterone can be transferred to the body in many ways: Testosterone levels can be increased by injecting testosterone supplements into the muscles, one per week.

●  Gels or patches that contain testosterone can be fixed to the skin and changed every day.

●  Some testosterone containing patches can also be fixed in the mouth in between the upper lips and gums but must be changed after every 12 hours.

●  Testosterone pellet is an alternative which is also a more adapted way of increasing testosterone. In this type of treatment, the pellets are embedded near the buttocks, where they keep discharging testosterone for three to four months.

People need to follow-up blood tests to evaluate how their bodies are reacting to the treatment they’re following for avoiding a reaction. However, these treatment options are generally not chosen by most people and they prefer to get their levels naturally. This is done by:

  • Consuming foods that help increase testosterone levels. These include coconuts and kidney beans.
  • Exercising regularly as working out releases more testosterone and helps maintain levels.
  • Staying happy and away from stress since stress and similar conditions can cause you to have low testosterone levels.

You should look for where to buy testosterone pill if you wish to get high levels without having to undergo therapy. These pills work like magic and give great results.

Testosterone Warnings

These items should not come in contact with kids or pregnant women or else it may lead to severe infections and viruses in their bodies.

In addition to this, testosterone Therapy treatment (TRT) may lead to severe reactions, for example:

  • Severe acne problem
  • Breast delicacy or Enlargement
  • Increased quantity of red blood cells
  • Infertility
  • Small testicles
  • Swelling around testicles

Make sure you pick an option that is the best for you. Always consult a specialist before undergoing any kind of a therapy.

With all these side effects, one might wonder what are the benefits they’re looking at for trying to up their testosterone level. The answer is yes, there quite a few benefits but before someone undergoes a testosterone treatment it is important to clarify with a doctor whether or not they actually need it. Here are some of the benefits that come with having an increased testosterone level.

  • Testosterone helps with the development of lean muscle. Low testosterone levels naturally translate more fat and not being able to develop lean tissue. Those in this situation can benefit greatly from a testosterone treatment.
  • Bones are also positively affected by testosterone as its level influences the density of bones such as hip bones and even spinal bones. This can be a great benefit for health especially in preparation for old age.
  • Testosterone plays a direct part in one’s libido as well. Through a higher level of testosterone, one can expect an increased sex drive and overall better sexual performance and activity. Those who struggle in this department might find an intake of testosterone beneficial.
  • There are other benefits that come with a higher level of testosterone which deviate from the previous body related benefits. Testosterone intake can also benefit the mind as it allows one a better memory. Spatial memory is not the only mind asset affected as it will also improve through process which will result in faster thinking and an increased verbal memory.

These are some of the benefits of undergoing a testosterone treatment. Those who suffer from a lower testosterone level stand to gain a great deal through a successful treatment.