Yoga for Better Sex

Has your Sex life totally frizzed out? There is no need to memorize Kama sutra by heart! A very good solution to your problem is Yoga! Usually people envision yoga as a way of achieving some Zen in their life. But they do not know that Yoga Asana can be effectively used to spice up things between you and your spouse. Exercises and sexual desire are interconnected and doing both of them will not only better things in your bedroom, but will make you look and feel better and confident.

You just need to try out the following few Asana outside the confinements of your bedroom, and you could easily heat up things with your partner in your bedroom. To revive your Sex appetite, following Asana could help you to get into groove, and in turn keep you as healthy as a horse as well.

The Kneeling-Core Plank: How to Do it

Get on your hands and knees, with your fingers wide apart. Square your hips, inhale and lift one of your leg high into the air. Then exhale slowly and sweep back your knees to your chest. While doing this, squeeze and lift your pelvic muscles. Repeat this motion with each leg. This posture helps you get flexible, which in turn boost you to be adventurous in the bedroom.

Butterfly Asana:

Butterfly asana is achieved by sitting straight, with the soles of your feet pressed together, knees wide open, and leaning forward while holding on to your feet. The aim of this exercise is to bring your face in contact with your toes. Once it comes in contact with the toes, you can hold on to this posture for 10 to 20 breaths.

Upward Facing Dog:

Lie on your belly with your arms stocking close to your chest. Now straighten your arms so that your chest lifts off the floor. Keep your pelvis in contact with the floor and try to hold on to this posture for 10 to 20 breaths.

Seated Cat/Kneeling Cat Posture:

Whether sitting or kneeling, arch your back and inhale deeply, round it on and then exhale slowly. This Asana tends to increase oxygen and blood flow to your reproductive organs, and coupled with your hell-bent desire to boost your libido, this Asana can be libido-enhancing warehouses.

Camel Position:

This pose can be achieved by kneeling, with your torso being upright. Then slowly lean back and try to touch your heels while still looking straight up. Your hips would stretch forward and the position is held while taking deep breaths for 2 to 3 minutes.

Seated Wide Legged Straddle Pose:

Sit on the floor, and open your legs as far as you can, with your toes facing straight up to the ceiling. Keep your feet flexed and press the legs down to the floor. Now lean forward between your legs, as much as your body permits and hold on to the Posture for 10 to 20 breaths.

This pose is good for those who have low libido as it improves the blood flow to the pelvic region, as it is a fact that the more blood flowing through your veins, the more will be your state of arousal.

Shoulder Stand:

To achieve perfect Shoulder stand posture, place a mat under your body so that you could rest your upper back and shoulder on it for support. Lie on your back and keep your head and spine straight and your feet together. Press your lower spine gently on to the floor and slowly raise your lower body off the floor with your legs raised upwards. Bend your elbow and use your hand to support the back of your ribcage. The higher you place your hand, the more straighter your posture is going to be. Remember to tuck your chin into your chest. Hold on to this posture for several minutes before slowly lowering your legs in a straight alignment back to the floor.

This pose works successfully in eradicating the woes experienced by you in your sex life as it relieves you from fatigue, anxiety and calms your mind.

Lizard Pose:

Initialize with downward facing dog pose. Bring your right foot between your palms, all the while keeping your hands on the floor. Then start lowering your left knee to the floor and release your elbow to the floor at the same time. Rest your hands with palm facing downwards on the mat. Continue squeezing your right knee toward your body and keep lowering your hips to the floor. Hold on to this posture for 5 to 10 breaths and then come back onto your hands.

This posture is a great way of easing open your hips and calms your mind



Goddess Posture:

Lie down on the floor, lean backward and bring your elbows to the floor. Gradually bring your feet together, the same way you do the butterfly asana, and spread your hands wide apart. Keep lying in that posture for 30 to 40 breaths and then return to the initial position. This pose if effective in alleviating PMS and menopause and it promotes healthy functioning of your reproductive organs, which in turn helps in boosting your libido.

Pigeon Posture or the Bird of Paradise:

Start on all fours in a square table pose and then slide your right knee towards your right hand. Then try sliding your left leg back as far as your hip would permit all the while keeping the hips square to the floor. Depending upon your body balance, you should be upright on your hands while moving the hips forward and down. Slowly rest on your forearms and then rest your chest on the floor with your arms completely extended in front of you. Breathe and release the belly to get full release in the hips. Hold on to this posture for 3 to 5 minutes.

When done properly and consistently, this exercise relieves your from deep tension in your hip and relaxes your body and mind. It relieves tightness in your hips and make it more flexible.