Which Zodiac Signs are Said to Have Psychic Powers?

Some people believe in psychic powers while others do not. Astrologers agree that most people have psychic abilities, it is just that most people do not recognize them or look out for them. There are different types of psychic powers and abilities, all manifesting in different ways. Some people can tell when someone is lying, some can follow their intuition to recognize things others do not, while others can dream of things that will happen in the future. Although every zodiac sign can tap into these world psychic powers and abilities, some do this better than others.


Most Libras do not believe they have any psychic powers, but they do. Libras can understand other people and are thought to understand events from both the past and the future. They can experience strong déjà vu, past lives, and premonitions.

Libras are very blasé and lazy about their psychic abilities. Because of this, they do not hone their psychic abilities due to a combination of laziness, disinterest, and not believing they have these psychic abilities. In many cases, their powers are revealed to them during psychic readings.


Aquarius is thought to be the sign of geniuses and visionaries, their only problem is that they are often stuck in their own heads. They often miss things about the people around them but have the intuition to pick up things other zodiacs usually miss. Aquarius is also attracted to new and esoteric ideas which is why many of them are attracted to astrology and practicing Tarot. If you are an Aquarius looking to offer your astrology or tarot reading services, there are different platforms where you can do so. If you do not know where to start, check out this link to find more information. You can register as an advisor and start offering your psychic services as soon as you are accepted.


Scorpios are thought to be in tune with deeper realms that most people do not realize exist. Since Scorpios understand that there is darkness and light within everyone, they can better tap into things and feelings that are divine, private, and hidden. Scorpios are also known to be both hypnotic and intense, to an extent of which talking to a Scorpio can make you feel like they are looking deeply into your mind. Because of their ability to instinctively know things that others do not know and their ability to tap into things that most of us would like to remain hidden, Scorpios make some of the best psychic readers.


Pisces have very strong psychic abilities but many of them do not realize it. Most Pieces think that their strong sense of intuition can be found in everyone, but that is not true. They can know what other people are thinking, evidenced by their ability to finish other people’s sentences, and know when something is about to happen.

Because they are very compassionate, many Pisces can see bad things coming even when the events leading to these bad things have not aligned together. Many Pisces are very artistic, which is thought to be the way in which many Pisces who do not use their psychic powers to do psychic readings manifest their powers.


Cancer is always in tune with their emotions as well as the emotions of others. They can tell when someone is upset no matter how calm and happy they may seem. They can internalize the feelings of others to try to better understand their thoughts and motivations. They are also said to be sensitive to cosmic vibrations and this is why this is one of the strongest psychic signs.


Gemini’s psychic powers manifest as bilocation. This is the ability to be in two or more places at once. For most people, this ability manifests in the mental or dream realms. This may be where you are thinking of another thing while being in a specific place or bed and your presence is observed or felt in another place.

Some rare Geminis can be two places at once, where their physical presence is observed in two places at once. Bilocation is not the same as time travel though because there is no time component involved in bilocation, just space.


Aries is known as the trend-whisperer. This is because they have the psychic ability to know what the next big thing will be. For example, they may discover a new artist who is going to be a massive hit or a neighborhood that is going to be the next greatest place to raise a family. They know what is destined to be great, and they are also great talent discoverers and magnets.

Each zodiac sign has unique qualities, with one of these unique qualities being their psychic powers. Even though it is thought that all signs have psychic power, some display this power much more easily than others. If your sign is one of those mentioned above, you likely have psychic powers that you do or do not know about.