3 Things to Do If Your Oven Lets You Down

Cooking your own food brings a variety of advantages; you can eat what you really want, whenever you want it, and you can ensure that you and your loved ones get healthy and nutritious food every day. Cooking meals can also be lots of fun and it helps us to indulge our creative side.  But it can seem far from fun if our cooker, range or oven lets us down. If this happens to you, take a look at our three-point guide on what to do next, and you could soon be “cooking with gas” again and turning out those culinary delights.

1. Stay Calm

If your oven breaks, it can seem like a real disaster, and it’s easy to imagine the worst — endless take-outs, significant expenses incurred and a long wait until you can cook for yourself again. That can lead to you making rash decisions, such as rushing out and buying a new oven that you hadn’t budgeted for. That’s why the first thing you should do if your oven fails is to take deep breath, stay calm and think logically about what your choices are. Keep in mind that it’s almost always the case that it’s much less expensive to have an expert repair carried out, saving you time and money when compared to other options.

2. Stay Away from the Tool Box

Cooking can bring a lot of satisfaction, and so can Do-It-Yourself projects, but whilst it’s always good to have a tool box ready for home repairs and improvements, it should never be turned to for appliance repairs. Put simply, you should never think about carrying out domestic appliance repairs yourself. Whether your oven is electric or gas, only fully qualified and licensed appliance engineers should be allowed near it.  Not only is it potentially dangerous to tinker with appliances, trying to repair them yourself, or even simply opening them up, can also invalidate any warranty you may have, and that can prove to be a costly mistake.

3. Call for Expert Help

Every day without your stove can seem like a week, so if a problem strikes, you should act fast and call an expert right away. Stoves by leading brands like Wolf, Cove and Sub-Zero are renowned for their sophistication and performance, but like any other appliance they can still experience problems from time to time. A Wolf appliance repair specialist will be able to quickly diagnose any problem which occurs with your oven or range, and they’ll just as rapidly be able to repair it. Call outs can take less time than you might imagine, and once repaired you’ll find that your oven works just as well as it did on the day you bought it.

Appliance repair specialists should be your first and only port of call whether you have a domestic stove or need help with a large commercial range. Repairs can be both quicker and less expensive  than you might imagine, so don’t panic, don’t make a purchase that you really don’t have to, and definitely don’t try to carry out repairs yourself.