Your Child Will Thrive in the Right Neighbourhood and in the Right Public School

As a parent and future homeowner, you want to give your child the best opportunity to realize their potential by finding the perfect home in an ideal neighbourhood near a school that fits their needs. But this isn’t always a straightforward task, especially if you live in a country with catchment areas – where schools are allocated to neighbourhoods.

In countries with catchment school systems, students can usually only attend the school in their areas. That’s why finding a good school for your child in a city that follows this system goes hand in hand with finding the right neighbourhood.

Pick the Right Neighbourhood

Because buying a house in the right neighbourhood and catchment is a big decision, you can easily spend countless hours browsing real estate pages and the websites of schools and school boards. That’s before Googling neighbourhoods to learn everything you can about them.

As a parent, you already have your work cut out for you. Between work and family, you may not have the time or energy to browse dozens of websites to find a perfect home in the ideal neighbourhood near a great school for your family.

Many parents save precious time by using the incredible technology afforded by a school and neighbourhood data curation company like SchoolQ from the comfort of their homes. This company’s website helps parents easily find ideal homes in good neighbourhoods near suitable schools by offering comprehensive reports using a state-of-the-art algorithm. It features a powerful yet easy to use user interface because it was designed with busy parents in mind.

With just a few clicks on this platform, you can download a Neighbourhood Report and learn about public schools, catholic schools, private schools, alternative schools, parks, playgrounds, amenities, transit, safety facilities, and more in a neighbourhood. This information can help you make an informed decision when buying a home for you and your family.

It would be counterproductive to put your child in the right school if your family ends up in the wrong area. For example, if moving into the neighbourhood puts a financial strain on your family or undermines your ability to get to work, it may adversely affect your child in ways you didn’t anticipate. Likewise, if the neighbourhood has a high crime rate or is too far from amenities such as parks, recreation centres, shops, health facilities and more, then it may be more challenging for your child to thrive in their new setting.

Even after finding their dream neighbourhood near a dream school, some parents struggle to find a real estate agent who can help them. Because of the nature of the housing market, many agents are too busy to give homebuyers the time and attention they deserve, while others who are available may not know the neighbourhood.

Once you’ve zeroed in on the ideal neighbourhood, you can get in touch with a Neighbourhood Expert through the platform that can help you invest in the right home for your family. There are many advantages to connecting with them.

  • They know their neighbourhoods like the back of their hands and can answer your queries
  • They are personable people — and passionate about building relationships with homeowners
  • They have a proven track record having served many parents year over year
  • They are professionals who put their clients first and are happy to address all queries and concerns

Look Beyond School Rankings

Although it’s a good idea to look at school rankings, finding a school that matches the specific needs of your child is much more important than a score. The right school for your kid should match their personality and abilities. For example, while some kids excel in big classrooms, others learn better in more intimate environments. Likewise, a school that focuses on subjects like math or the sciences may not be ideal for a child with an aptitude for the arts or music. And if your child suffers from a disability, then you should prioritize schools that cater to students with special needs.

Thankfully, you can use the same platform to download School Reports for free. These reports are incredibly detailed and are easy to understand. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you don’t have to turn anywhere else.

Finding the ideal house near a perfect school in a great neighbourhood is stressful. Not only does it involve a lot of legwork, but it involves financial risk. By using a robust platform that acts as a one-stop-shop and connects you with a real estate expert that understands the area intimately, you can more easily achieve your goals.