10 Awesome Wedding Virals

A first wedding dance is a special, once in a lifetime moment. But a growing number of wedding couples are fed up with the awkward, dull traditional first dance. So now they are jumping on the latest trend and hiring dance instructors so that they can perfect their choreographed first dances before the big day arrives. To surprise their guests, brides and grooms are encouraged to start with a traditional slow dance but then they cut loose into something wilder which has an upbeat and funky (and often humorous) way about it.

So here are the 10 best wedding virals around at the moment….

1. Flash Mob Wedding

Marriage ceremonies are often long and dull, but not when you’re in attendance of a flash mob wedding. A Boston couple shared their special day with family, friends and a whole lot of strangers at the local mall. The ceremony was complete with a choir singing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’ a sweet-looking flower girl, and a touching kiss to seal the deal. If you’re looking for a fun and romantic alternative to your traditional nuptials, why not try a flash mob wedding ceremony?

2. Wedding Entrance Dance

Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson became an instant Internet sensation when they uploaded their video recording of guests entering their wedding venue in a unique style! The video became such a hit that it was shown on Good Morning America and The Today Show. The video shows the wedding guests dancing down the aisle two at a time (a bridesmaid and groomsmen together), each in their own unique style of dancing to the song “Forever” by Chris Brown. It’s definitely a unique way to get to the alter that’s for sure!

3. Dirty Dancing First Dance

A London based film director and his American wife got the surprise of their lives, when talkshow
queen Oprah invited them at The Oprah Winfrey Show, YouTube edition. James and Julia Derbyshire, whose Dirty Dancing wedding video became a huge YouTube hit, had the honor of meeting the man himself – Patrick Swayze. “The Hollywood star has refused to give interviews about Dirty Dancing for nearly two decades, but he was so touched by the couple’s video that he agreed to Oprah’s request. The wedding video has been watched by more than 3 million people online.

4. Thriller Wedding Dance

Zombies might not be what spring to mind when you think about a first wedding dance, but considering how effective this entire wedding party is at performing Thriller, maybe we should rethink it. With over 4 million YouTube views “Wedding Thriller Dance” is one of the most popular wedding dances ever! The video, where an entire wedding party does the famous Thriller dance was featured on the show Good Morning America.

5. Baby Got Back!


A YouTube classic, this couple’s hip hop interlude (which starts with the wonderful line “I like big butts and I cannot lie”) and wacky dance routine is juxtaposed quite spectacularly to the romantic slow dance it interrupts.

6. Wedding Breakdance

This wedding couple, married on July 3 2005 in Oakland (California), were no longer satisfied with an old-school waltz for their first dance. So instead, they came up with the choreography themselves to their own break dancing number to make it a fun joke for their guests to witness. And it has to be said that they are good dancers!

7. A family Affair – The Clay Wedding

The surprise wedding first dance by the Clay Family is brilliant! They say that the family that dances together takes chances together (or something along those lines). The Clay family definitely understands that concept when they perform their crunk dance routine for their excited family and friends. This is definitely one idea I love!

8. “Yeah, Groovy Baby” – Austin Powers Style

Yeah Baby Yeah! Groovy! Ow be have !! This wedding couple is obviously a great fan of the “Austin Powers Trilogy” created by Mike Myers. They’re dancing on the famous Austin Powers intro tune “Soul Bossanova”. I like that they are not taking themselves too seriously and are obviously just trying to have fun with it without looking awkward at all.

9. Wedding Dance Off

This wedding dance is bonkers — a full-on girls versus boys dance-off. We have to say we think the boys might be victorious here, but everyone’s a winner when you’re having that much fun. Great way to make your guests feel like a real part of your special day.

10. Party Entrance!

This has to be THE craziest wedding ceremony that there has ever been! I mean, we have seen guests dance down the isle for the Petersen wedding but these guys take it up a notch. Were talking dry ice, dimmed lights…a full on show and that’s before the “I do’s” have taken place! Talk about a party before a party!

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