10 Baby Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without

Surprisingly, as per statistics, 44% of millennials travel with kids! And we all are well-aware of how hefty of a task it is to travel with a baby. From managing the luggage to deciding the whole trip, everything is a big fuss already. On top of it, when you travel with a baby, you have to be extra-attentive.

You certainly do not want to miss out on carrying any such thing without which your baby gets all cranky. Pacifiers, diapers, bottles, toys – these are just a few of the many such essentials of the list, and the old, experienced parents know it. But you cannot blame the new recruits if they miss out on such items.

So, here is a quick list of 10 baby essentials without which you cannot rather should not, leave home:

  1. Baby travel car seat or Infant capsule

Whether you are going for a quick errand or a detour in the countryside, if you wish to take your baby with you, this is a product you must never forget to carry. An infant capsule keeps your baby comfortable in the backseat of the car, while you can drive stress-free.

In fact, a car seat for babies is downright essential from the safety point of view too. Wondering which one to go for? Maxi-Cosi baby capsules will serve all your purposes!

  1. Baby carrier

Although most of the parents already have this item, it is still important to keep mentioning the items that are crucial. A baby carrier is a part of the baby products that we use daily.

But, when you are going to travel with the baby, it becomes all the more important to carry one, for obvious reasons. Besides, it’s inexpensive and super-comfortable.

  1. Sleepsack

Whether it’s Miami, Downtown, or probably anywhere in the world – the last you would want to do is make your baby sleep in the unhygienic hotel bedroom sheets!

That is why carrying a sleep sack for babies is important. Just lay them low on the sack and you are done. And since it is washable, you can use it for probably a few more trips around the globe.

  1. Diaper changing pad

That time is gone when embarrassing babies in the name of changing diapers was okay. Now, thanks to diaper changing pads, you can change the diapers of your baby anytime, anywhere in a closed space. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and very compact. Add this to your list if you have not already.

  1. Wet-dry bags

Whether it’s the used diapers, dirty wipes, or soiled clothes – one always runs out of enough plastic bags to store all these. And obviously, you cannot just dump these on the streets just like that. So, the best option? Carrying a portable wet-dry bag! They are cute, reusable, and inexpensive. One wet-dry bag in your luggage means no worry about running out of perishable bags.

  1. Silicone bibs

If your baby is a clumsy eater, you need to add a silicone bib to your travel kit as soon as you can. This product is a game-changer, mainly because it dries up really quickly after use. Also, it has a very peculiar shape that catches even the tiniest drop of food. So, you do not have to worry about the spilled food and ruined clothes anymore.

  1. Insulated food jars

Now, we know it is not logically possible to prepare fresh food for babies everywhere. Especially, if you are on a vacation, it becomes all the more troublesome to feed the baby. That’s when an insulated food jar comes to the rescue.

Prepare your baby’s food before leaving the hotel and store it in the jar. Whenever the baby gets hungry, just open the jar and feed them warm, fresh food – even if you are in the hills!

  1. Bottled milk

This is an essential, and no amount of emphasis will ever be enough. You need to carry an extra bottle of milk with you, even if you happen to breastfeed your baby. It is only possible that you may land in some situation while traveling where you do not feel comfortable breastfeeding the little one. In such a situation, a bottle of formula milk always proves helpful.

  1. Diaper rash creams

Now, none of the parents forget to carry a large number of diapers with them. But they always forget to carry an associated necessity, which is, a diaper rash cream. While traveling, we use diapers excessively which causes a rash on the soft, gentle skin of the infants. And the only way you can soothe is with a diaper rash cream.

  1. Sanitizing wipes

Last on the list because parents already have this specific item in handy at all times! And why not? Be it for cleaning the butts, the hands, or the face – a sanitizing wipe is always your best friend. Especially when you are traveling!

Over to you…

Traveling with babies is a huge task. You forget to carry one important item, and the whole trip is ruined. Here, we listed the 10 baby essentials without which you should not consider leaving the house. Next time while planning for a trip, give this article a good read.