Tips to make family time special

Well, laughter is indeed the best medicine, and if that is clubbed with your loving family, it works wonders for you. However, in today’s fast life, we remain occupied with our career commitments and tend to stay aloof from our families. We fail to realize that each and every family member plays an important role in our life; spending some quality time with them benefits you emotionally and mentally. But how does one go about it? World of female comes to your rescue. Below we list down the ways in which you can bring back some love in the family.

Don’t be over-committed to your work – If you truly wish to enjoy some time with your family, you will have to make sure your office work is completed on time. Make sure nothing lags behind for the last moment, so that when you pack up for the day your boss doesn’t come asking for the forgotten task. If a certain work can be kept on hold, do it, but don’t miss out on the family time. If your work keeps you busy on weekdays, make it a point to spend at least one day of the weekend with your kith and kin.

Don’t take your family for granted: – While many people genuinely can’t dedicate more time to their family, many others prefer spending more time with their friends and office colleagues in their leisure time. The only interaction they have with their families happens when they inform that they have too much work on their head and will be late today also.

One meal policy: – Though work commitments may not allow you to enjoy all the meals with your family, make it a point that you have at least one meal with your family, preferably dinner. While your family may be busy with their own commitments throughout the day, chances are that they will be free in the evenings. Make sure you bank upon this golden opportunity.

Know what is expected from you: – Try to understand what your family wants from you. If you are married, you spouse will want to spend some romantic moments with you every day. Though you busy schedule may not allow you to have hours of conversation with the love of your life, a small romantic gesture or few words from you will make his/her day. And if you have kids, they will want their parent to make active interest in the academics and hobbies. If you are the child of the family, your parents and siblings would want you to available to them at least on weekends and many other things. Always try to know this expectation and work out a plan accordingly.

Indulge in family holidays: – While family meals will lend you some time, there’s nothing like a family holiday. But make sure the holiday destination is loved by each and every family member. Before you decide the place, ask everyone about the place they want to see and visit .Once you get that information, select a place which would appeal to a maximum number of people and plan out things accordingly. Not only has this, for the next visit, made sure to also make the other family members happy, by choosing the holiday destination for their choice. Money might become an issue, but there’s nothing like a happy family. So, try to cut down other unwanted costs and safe money for the family rendezvous.

Developing Family Humour: – When people are extremely busy with their professional lives, it is very important for them to find some humour in their family lives. If you do aim for this badly, then try finding fun moments at home. Make sure you give your family a reason to smile every single day and eventually let this habit develop further into family humour.  But in doing so remember there’s a very thin line between laughing with someone and laughing at someone. Make sure when you are introducing humour in your family life, you make sure the nature of this comedy doesn’t hurt the sentiments of any one in the family. Make sure this fun is in good taste. Don’t overdue things. Keep your eyes and ears open, so that you are able to find potential funny moments and events.

Communication: – Make sure that your family members are able to connect with you emotionally. Try to bridge the communication gap that exists between the members of your family. Be sure that you have made use of the wide options available to you, namely SMS, twitter and facebook. Have something in store for your loved ones to read that can make them aware of what you are up to and your whereabouts. Though you may think such a practise may not help you much, but in the long run it will. When your family will hear from you almost every day, it will have a good impact on their minds and slowly and steadily they will want to hear more from you.

Present Day: – There’s nothing more appealing to the family members than being giving unexpected gifts. Once in a week, make sure that you surprise your family. It might be a small gesture or big gifts, but your family should definitely feel special.

Though your professional commitment may be very demanding and might eat up a lot of your precious time, always remember that your family is the most important. Work does give you an opportunity to earn money to make your family’s life better; you will truly enjoy your life only when your family is by your side. So do not take them for granted and optimize every opportunity to make them feel special.