10 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Relationship Exciting

56% of men and 54% of women start thinking about marriage after they’ve been together for six months.

That may come as a surprise for those who often experience a lull in their relationship at around the same time. The so-called honeymoon phase ends after you’ve learned all the important traits of a partner.

Keeping that flame alive can be difficult for some. You get caught in old habits, you become a little lazier and take things for granted sometimes. If you are wondering how to keep your relationship exciting, then you’ve come to the right place.

This guide contains plenty of ideas to spice things up, prevent unnecessary blocks, and strengthen the bonds between your partner. Don’t beat yourself up over losing inspiration during your relationship. You’re not the first to experience this problem.

How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting

These are ten great ways to keep things fresh, new, and exciting in a relationship. Remember to be your authentic self and never force your partner to do something for the sake of being active.

  1. Spontaneous Plans

Surprise gifts, home-cooked meals, and home improvements do a lot for the longevity of relationships. When you first meet, the unexpected nature of meeting someone is exciting. Retain that feeling of anticipation and excitement by doing a weekly surprise for them.

This will keep the relationship from becoming predictable and boring.

  1. Whisper Sweet Nothings

No matter where you are, you should be communicating regularly how much you love your partner. Send love messages to them while they are at work. Tell them how much you love them and can’t wait to see them. Give them messages that will boost their confidence when they have a big opportunity.

Don’t forget to slide in their DMs and send some sexy messages, too. A few tasteful nudes can go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy.

  1. Date Like It’s the First Time

Keep taking your loved one out on dates, no matter how long you’ve known each other. Dates are dedicated alone time with each other. This allows for both venting and escaping stress. Date nights should be a weekly affair and a way to explore new dishes together.

Food is such an important element for keeping a happy relationship.

  1. Be Inquisitive

Even after being together for years, there should still be plenty of deep personal conversations being had. If you feel like the curiosity with each other’s personality has died down, try getting involved in social causes together.

Politics can be a quick way to kill a relationship, so try to avoid the rigid nature of electoral, red/blue politics. Instead, focus on local causes and moral underpinnings. If that doesn’t help, there’s always competitive video and board games.

  1. Music is Life

A relationship where neither couple enjoys each other’s music is a grim outlook. Music is how you get bodies moving and voices singing. The mood of a person changes and their whole day can be saved by just listening to music.

Take your partner’s hand and let the sounds carry you together. Try to plan concerts and festivals together to be completely lost in your favorite music. Taking up music lessons together is another great relationship-building activity.

  1. Communicate Your Feelings

Don’t allow your pride to hold back the growth of your relationship. Communicate clearly about what you want, your concerns, and your goals. Both partners need to be on the same page on the future of the relationship.

Just getting by and handling day-to-day, month-to-month issues is a recipe for disaster. Never hold things in for a long time, it will eventually be noticed by your partner, creating a greater rift.

  1. Experiment More

As we mentioned earlier, trying new things is key to keeping things fresh. New food, new experiences, and new locations give the relationship perspective. Travel more, learn new skills together, and check off some items on your bucket lists.

This category can extend into the bedroom, too. Never allow your sex life to become routine. Push boundaries, try everything once, and let go of inhibitions.

  1. Go Out with Other Couples

Having some perspective on just how good you have it as a couple includes learning from others. Going out with other couples and hearing their stories is very healthy if you love each other. Don’t get caught up with preconceived notions of “relationship goals” and status quo.

There are plenty of celebrity couples who don’t fit the definition of the perfect match. A lot of relationships end on pretentious terms and it’s a tragedy.

  1. Set Goals Together

The number one relationship argument is about money. The best way to avoid that is to be transparent and plan goals together. This category includes family goals, as well.

Be honest, set clear expectations about marriage and children. Committing to marriage isn’t why men pull away. It’s not being honest about what you want. Setting goals for the near future and distant future make the relationship stronger.

  1. Support Each Other Unconditionally

At the end of the day, having someone cheering for your success whether you’re dating or not is most important. If your partner is possessive and demanding, the relationship isn’t going to last long. They should be helping you realize your hopes and dreams, not standing on the sidelines.

More Relationship Help

Hopefully, this guide has opened your eyes up and inspired you to take another look at your relationship. There are a lot of guides out there on how to keep your relationship exciting, but it’s ultimately up to your judgment. Only you can determine what is missing from your relationship.

Remember, it takes two to tango, so don’t put all the responsibility on your shoulders. If you’re looking for more help on analyzing and understanding relationships, check out World of Female. Their relationship blog is filled with advice and guides like this one.

Stay curious, love fully, and fake nothing in life, especially when it comes to sharing your life with someone else.