10 of the Best Cars Made in France

French cars may not be the most reliable cars in the world, as the Japanese Manufacturers seem to always hold that title, but the French do seem to make quite a few cars that are very popular over here in England. Like the Renault Clio which is hugely popular.

They do seem to be bucking the trend at the moment with sales, even with this economic slump that we are in at the moment, where other countries and manufacturers are really struggling to keep afloat, they are doing really well.

The French have supposedly sold nearly 6% more cars than in other years, now that tells us that people are looking at value for money and they seem to be getting it from the French car dealerships, they may even be offering better deals in the form of deposits or financing options.
I think the way they run their manufacturing maybe the answer, but who knows for sure…but congratulations to the French, for they seem to be the only car manufacturers that are easily holding their heads above the water in these uncertain times.

Citroen DS3

The Citroen DS3 was named Car of the Year 2010 by Top Gear.

This fab little super-mini can really hold its own against the best of them, competing against the likes of the Mini, Alfa Romero’s MiTo, Audi’s A1.

It also features heavily in Pixey Lott’s Music Video “Broken Arrow” which is the first time a car has been used to such an extent in a music video.

Renault Megane F1

This Hot Hatch is a suped up version of the normal small family car. Built in Renault’s Dieppe Factory, where other little speed demons such as the Clio V6, 5 Turbo, spyder and the A610/ A110, says it all really…

The 2.0 litre turbo charged engine produces 222bhp, has a top speed of 149mph and can go from 0-60 in 6.3 seconds, but certain sources comment that it may be capable of even more…

Citroen Picasso

The Citroen Picasso pre 2008 was produced in France, but has since moved production to 3 different plants in Spain, Brazil and Egypt. It’s claim to fame is that it soon became the best selling MPV in France, Great Britain and the most of the rest of Europe.

I love mine, it’s the most versatile little MPV we have ever had or driven and we have had virtually no mechanical problems with it so far and have only had to service it and replace some of the exhaust…it’s a great little workhorse for a family with pets !!

Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is classified as a super-mini, which was originally launched in 1990 and is still going strong. It’s still Europe’s biggest selling car.

The Clio has been through numerous face lifts over the years, but is still well loved…

Peugeot RCZ

The RCZ is a sports car that was originally planned as just a Concept car when it was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but because of the attention it received from the public and the professionals at the show, Peugeot took the leap forward from Concept car to full blown production road car.

Peugeot tried to keep everything design wise as close as possible to the Concept car’s original design, so as not to disappoint the public, but a few changes to the exhaust system and rear bumper however were unavoidable.

Venturi Fetish

The World’s first production 2 seater electric sports car.
The futuristic design was produced by Parisian Designers Sacha Lakic. This Concept car was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002.

The Fetish’s acceleration is comparable to a normal combustible engined sports car, producing 250bhp and achieving 0-60 in under 5 seconds. It has also recently had it’s top speed improved, so now it can reach around 150mph.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a rear mid-engined Supercar and is the most expensive car in the world, costing a staggering $1,600,000.000. It was designed by Josef Kabar of Volkswagon fame.
It can reach a huge top speed of over 267mph. Top gear also named the Veyron Car of the Decade (2000 – 2009)

This car is way out of most peoples league, which is a good job as there is only a small number going to be made anyway. Wonder how much the European breakdown cover would be for this ? Or if you could even get it !!!

Venturi America EV

The Venturi America is an electric dune buggy, with approximately 300bhp and is rear wheel driven. It was first seen at the Paris Motor Show and has also been spotted at the Bonneville Salt Flats in disguise, obviously going through more testing at the moment.

Maybe sometime soon it will be put into production, but for now it’s just a concept, albeit a beautiful one…

Bugatti EB110

The Bugatti EB110 a mid-engine sports car that was unveiled in 1991, exactly 110 years after the birth of Ettore Bugatti, hence the name…

The 60 valve, four turbo V12 has a top speed of 213mph, does 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds and with 553bhp, this is a mean machine.

Claim to fame, Michael Schumacher owned a banana yellow one from 1994 until he sold it to Modena Motorsport in 2003.

Not one to take on the Ferry to France, I think !!

Peugeot 207

The 207 is a super-mini made by Peugeot and was unveiled in 2006.

It was said to be the best selling car in Europe in 2007 by a few well know Auto magazines worldwide.

The 207 was also a big seller in Britain, being the 6th best selling car overall. Demon Chick xx