10 of the Funniest Google Street View Images

Google’s Street View tool for Google Maps allows users to see certain parts of the world via panoramic images. The tool allows you to visualise your exact destination and even get a feel for the area by looking around with 360 degree street view imagery. Never before has planning a road trip, checking out restaurants and new neighbourhoods been so simple. It allows us to get our first impressions from the comfort of our own home. It’s got so big that Virgin have even created a video game where you can shoot up zombies based in your own neighbourhoods! Sounds awesome right? And don’t worry, if you are struggling for cash you can always buy it with Virgin money!

But, although I feel it has enriched and improved my life, not everyone can say the same thing. Mostly, it’s because people feel that Google Street View is a Gross invasion of our privacy and some say that this technology simply adds to the CCTV/Big Brother is always watching you type culture & society we have become accustomed to living in!

But while the argument rages on, let’s all remember that there is one upside we can mostly all agree on. What is it you ask? Well, it was only inevitable that the Google street car team would catch people doing some crazy and funny things whilst driving around in their little street car! Here are ten that I personally feel are amongst the best Google Street View snaps around.

Epic Battle – “There can be only one”

Do my eyes need adjusting? No, I really do think that this picture shows two Jedi masters in a fight to the death! If only it were video we would know the outcome.

Shark in a Roof

Yes, that really is a shark that looks to have dived in to the roof of a house! But don’t panic, it was erected on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Created by the sculptor John Buckley.

Say Cheese!

This bloke is obviously not a fan of candy camera and it should be noted that he is breaking the law by doing it! Very rebellious.

Embarrassed of their Ride, maybe?

Settig your van on fire so that it isn’t pictured outside your house on Google is a little extreme! I wonder if the Google street car team stopped to put it out or simply carried on? After all, mapping the World is a time consuming job isn’t it?

Police, Camera, Action!

Uh oh busted…..

The wrong day to mess with me!

Just an average day, enjoying the sunshine, fighting off a bear! I suppose the ebauty is that Google really are capturing everyday scenes.


Something tells me these guys haven’t got the obvious memo!

Breaking News: Google buy ‘Where’s Wally’ rights!

This ‘Where’s Wally’ sketch seems a little too easy.

This makes me uneasy…..

Naked guy climbing in to a car boot…how very strange! It’s like witnessing a murder or something, you really wish you had nothing at all to do with it.

I will fight you anytime!

I can’t even imagine what has happened between these two but it seems weird that the man running away seems to be the man in possession of the weapon?!