Completely Ridiculous Souveniers

We’ve all been given a completely ridiculous souvenier at one time or another. With some people it’s like a running joke. They try and out do each other by bringing home the most naff and useless things they can find as gifts for their nearest and dearests. Not unlike me and a close friend. We regularly try and beat each other on every trip we make. This time I’m buying something completely silly for her new house whilst on our day trips to France to give to her as a souvenir!
We don’t tend to spend massive amounts on these gifts, as normally they will end up in the trash, they are so bad! I really laugh at the people who sell this kind of tacky stuff though. I mean if it weren’t for the select few, people like me and my best friend, they wouldn’t sell any of it. But I suppose there are always the insane few that will buy stuff and keep them afloat!

So here are some ridiculous Souvenier ideas.

Scent Of Royal Wedding!


Soak up the scent of the Royal couple on their big day, with this bottled Royal Wedding Air!
Which saddo came up with that one and more to the point, who in their right mind would buy it?

Royal Puke Bags


Sick of the Royal Wedding, well what about these Royal sick bags, to catch everything you’ve eaten on their Royal Wedding day or just because you are sick to the stomach of all the Wedding hype!

Toilet Roll Fit For A King!


Nothing like  Crested loo roll with the happy couple faces on it, to wipe your backside with on William’s and Kate’s big day!

Would you get arrested for defacing the Royals though?

Well that’s enough of slating the Royals…

On to Faraway places!

Italian Utensils


What about trying to fit these in your suitcase, wonder what Customs would make of these?
Italian map colander and grater, just what you want as a souvenir from Italy…not!!
Bet you they are a pretty penny too!

Classical Willy Pants!


Bet any man would be impressed with these as a souvenir from the Italian markets!!
These just say it all about the Italian’s sense of humour…

Indian Puppets


Oh these are lovely, wouldn’t you just love one of these as a pressie from India. I think not.
Well not unless you were a collector of brightly coloured naff puppets and what exactly do you do with them other than hang them on the back of your bedroom door?

A Nice Brew…


Now all us Brits like a good cup of tea, but I can’t see the point of this on a mug…is it supposed to be funny, I could think of much better things to put on a side of a mug! They are all named after edible streets in the Capital.A bit pathetic really…especially when they cost £8.95.

Beer Mugs


These would make for an expensive pint, if you kept the glass. Priced at $128.00 each, these special edition German Beerstein’s would make an ideal gift to bring back for someone who is stuck in a time warp!
If you’ve got plenty of cash to flash of course…

The 3 Stooges


I know shabby chic is all the rage at the moment and loads of us love to buy handmade wares from abroad, but I think this creation from Peru is taking it to the extreme!
I mean what is is meant to be and what is it’s purpose?

Mystery Animal


Yet another strange creation from Peru, but this time it’s a funny multiple stone animal, but what animal is it?
A cat or a hippo or what?
I think it could be a jaguar!

Squash Anyone?


This is what you can bring back from China Town in Singapore, gourd water bottles with “Fortune” wrote on them, but with restrictions on bringing fruit and vegetables in and out of the Country. Will Customs let you through?
I don’t think so…

Wind Chime


Why would anyone buy this Wind Chime from Costa Rica, when you can buy an equally poor one here in on your doorstep?
Plus neighbours find them quite annoying, I found out a little while ago, but that’s another story…

So I hope you liked my suggestions for rather ridiculous Souvenirs!
Until we meet again…

Demon Chick xx