10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Be Parasite-Free

Catching a disease or two every once in a while is part of living, our immune systems aren’t invincible, it doesn’t mean that you are an unhealthy germ-riddled person, but when you are constantly sick and your immune system isn’t working as it should then you may be facing a bigger issue. We’ll be providing you with 10 of the most useful tips and hacks that you can incorporate in your everyday life to make sure that you are avoiding most sources of germs and that your immune system is doing its job, after all, it’s always better safe than sorry.

Wash Your Hands

This may sound ridiculous but you’d be amazed by the number of people who forget to wash their hands or outright do it completely wrong. Washing your hands isn’t simply running some water on them for a few seconds, you need to apply soap and lather your hands well, make sure you rub your hands vigorously for half a minute and take care of your fingernails and the back of your hands. Always remember to wash your hands before and after preparing food, after going to the toilet, dealing with animals, coughing, and sneezing. Washing hands is the first step in combating the spread of infections and bacteria.

Make Sure Your Water is Clean

Drinking clean water can’t be stressed enough, some contaminants of water can have a disastrous and chronic effect on the human body, sometimes you can’t even taste or smell them, bacteria and viruses are the most common contaminants of water, too much fluoride can also be disastrous. When you aren’t sure of the source or cleanliness of the water, it is advised to use bottled water instead, especially when you are traveling. Even if locals are okay with drinking tap water, your stomach may not have the suitable useful bacteria to combat any bad bacteria in the water, it is best to drink bottled water.

Mimosa Pudica

A lot of people may know nothing about this herb, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t immensely useful in staying healthy. According to this article, Mimosa Pudica is being integrated in a lot of medicines to stay healthy; it’s known for its antidiabetic uses and digestive/gut treatment. Mimosa Pudica Has antioxidant effects that can help combat cancer cells. Their seeds are known to be excellent repellants for harmful gut bacteria. The plants have a famous defense mechanism in which they start folding up and closing its leaves whenever touched to protect it from harm or when it’s dark.

Staying Active

Staying active by exercising has great benefits for the body, staying fit and exercising has a wide spectrum of benefits for the human body. It helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses, even if you get sick, your body will have an easier time dealing with the virus or bacteria.

Sun Can be Harmful

The sun sometimes can be your enemy, even if you’re not a vampire. When your skin is left exposed to the sun for a long while it starts getting burned by the sun, and that isn’t the most harmful aspect, the UV rays of the sun can actually damage your DNA and cause cancer. Whenever it’s possible, apply sunblock and sunscreen creams to filter out the UV rays of the sun.


Getting vaccinated is essential to avoid the most common dangerous viruses, protecting yourself from viruses is extremely important when you can do it. If you travel a lot, then you should get vaccinated for the most common viruses that the country you are visiting is known for. You need to make sure that the routine vaccination which are given to most people since childhood are up to date and all done.

Limit Antibiotics to a Minimum

You shouldn’t take anti-biotics for every cough and cold you get. Antibiotics are very strong combatants of bacteria and should only be taken if your doctor recommends doing so. Taking antibiotics constantly makes your body weaker and helps in the production of bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics which can be disastrous for everyone.

Avoid Flies

Flies are extremely intrusive insects; the problem is that they can transport a lot of germs around. Avoid places which have a lot of flies around because this means that such locations can have a lot of bacteria and germs laying around. Never leave your food and drinks uncovered if there are flies around. Some flies can bite and can carry dangerous viruses with them like the Tsetse fly, make sure you are vaccinated if you are travelling to a location that has them.

Avoid Stress

Being stressful for a long time can have a lot of complications; it can weaken your immune system, which will mean you getting sick a lot; cause skin outbreaks, which are very annoying; affect your heart, by increasing blood pressure and cholesterol.

Alcohol-based Sanitizers

When you can’t wash your hands due to no water or soap being available, then you should use an alcohol-based sanitizer to make sure your hands are clean and germ-free. Alcohol is known to be a very strong killer of germs.

Keep Your Doctor Around

Even if you are generally healthy and avoid germs, you should always get regular checkups and follow your doctor’s advice. Try your best not to take medicine even if they are over the counter without checking back with your doctor first. Also try not to shrug off any feelings of sickness and simply wait it out instead of checking with your doctor because it can be something that is actually more complicated than you first thought.

Practices to stay healthy are going to become routine after a short while and you will definitely notice an improvement of your overall health afterward.