13 Secrets to Growing Long and Luscious Hair Fast

With between 80,000-120,000 strands of hair on your head, it’s vital you’re taking good care of your hair. Are you dreaming of long luscious hair, but you’re not sure what the secret is?

In this article, explore these top secrets for long healthy hair. Read on to discover how to make healthy hair growth happen in your future!

How to Support Healthy Hair Growth? 

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking great care of your hair to ensure it’s healthy. For example, using the right products such as shampoos, conditioners, and supplements.

You might wonder, does SugarBearHair work? This is a supplement you’ll want to explore more to decide if it’s right for you. You can also check out different supplements with vitamins such as vitamins A and E.

  1. Say No to Heat

When your hair is healthy, it’ll grow faster. Stay away from heat (straighteners, blowdryers, curling irons) every day. Instead, try to limit it to once a week or less.

  1. Take Omega-3

Since Omega-3 is great for your health overall, it’d make sense that it’s good for your hair as well. If you’re not a fish person, you can check out different supplements you can take for Omega-3.

Keep in mind that there are different types of Omega-3. There’s Omega-3 DHA and Omega-3 ALA. Omega-3 DHA is what you find in fish.

  1. Have Frequent Trims

You’ll want to have frequent trims to encourage hair growth. If you go too long without trimming your hair, that’s more hair that’ll have to be cut off later. Aim for trims every 2-3 months.

  1. Cut Down Shampoo Use

When you rinse your hair, you’ll always want to use a conditioner. Shampoo can be stopping you from growing long luscious hair due to sulfates and other ingredients.

If it’s necessary to wash your hair more often, consider a sulfate-free option. When you do lather, only do so at the scalp, and let the shampoo slide down your hair.

  1. Avoid Wet Combing

If you’re in a hurry, it’s common to brush or comb your hair when it’s wet. This will cause breakage.

It can even lead to hair loss. Instead, let your hair dry before brushing it.

  1. Avoid Hair Dyes

When you’re looking to achieve long hair, you’ll want to skip the hair dyes. Those hair dyes can cause serious damage to your hair. Hair dye contains peroxides or ammonia that can change the pH in your strands.

This can lead to your hair becoming weaker. It can also lead to hair loss over time.

  1. Don’t Use Hot Water

Say no to washing your hair with hot water. This will cause the pores in your scalp and skin to open, and the chemicals to enter your body.

Choose cold(or cooler) water. This helps keep your hair shiny and strong.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E contains many antioxidants that are vital for hair growth. There was a small study with 38 volunteers who experienced hair loss.

The results of the study showed that vitamin E does help prevent hair loss. It also shows that vitamin E helps hair growth.

It’s also thought to give you a healthy scalp. It’s also known to increase the shine in your hair.

Using Vitamin E Oil

First, you’ll want to massage vitamin E oil into your scalp and hair for about 5 minutes. You’ll want to keep it in your hair for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

To avoid split ends, mix vitamin E and coconut oil together to the strands of your hair.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet

The best diet for long hair will include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens are filled with plenty of vitamins to help support healthy hair growth.

Some healthy examples are:

  • Avocado
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Legumes
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Oysters

Along with healthy eating, you’ll want to drink plenty of water throughout the day. While you can take supplements, it’s much easier to get the nutrients you need through food.

  1. Brush Carefully

Avoid brushing or combing your hair too hard. When you brush too hard, this can lead to damage to your hair such as breakage.

If you hear the brush crunching as you go, you’re brushing too hard. Start from the bottom when you’re brushing, and work your way to the top.

  1. Use Microfiber Towels

Avoid too plushy of towels since they can cause breakage. Instead, opt for microfiber towels. When you wrap your hair too tight in a towel, it can cause your strands to have breakage.

If you don’t want to go and purchase a microfiber towel, you can use a t-shirt instead.

  1. Choose Moisturizing Products

When you’re shopping for conditioners and shampoos, it’s a good idea to opt for those that are made for damaged or dry hair. You can find the right product for your hair whether it’s dry or oily.

  1. Protective Styles

You’ll want to keep your hair pulled back to keep the length you want to achieve. It’ll also keep your hair healthy. This will keep moisture in your hair, and prevent any dryness that can cause breakage.


Exploring the Secrets to Long Luscious Hair

Now that you’ve explored the secrets to long luscious hair, you should be well on your way to the length you’ve always dreamt of. Are you looking for more hair care tips and advice? Check out our other articles today from keeping your hair healthy while you sleep, to top trending hairstyles.