14 Exciting Gifts You Can Give Your Mom in the summer

Being among the most amazing people in your life, your mom deserves the very best. If her birthday is coming up this summer, you probably want to start thinking about all of the ways that you can show her how much you value her presence in your life.

Here are four of the best summer gift ideas to consider for your mom for her birthday this year.

Fun Summer Gift Basket

Give your mom a little bit of everything with a fun gift basket with a summer theme. A set of margarita glasses pairs perfectly with a quality bottle of tequila and some drink charms. Consider putting in a box of her favorite candy into the box as well. The little things count, and she will be super appreciative.

You can also add a CBD bath bomb into the basket. These bath bombs can help promote relaxation and can support daily wellness, making it a relaxing addition to her self-care routine.


Every woman loves expensive jewelry, there is no doubt on this fact. You can add sentimental value to this gift by choosing to have it engraved with a thoughtful sentiment.

Perhaps you want to give her a charm bracelet that signifies all of the treasured moments and people in her life? Many moms also appreciate a necklace with all of the initials of her children. A mother’s ring would make a very special gift too. Consider customizing or engraving to make it more personal.

Flower or Plant Subscription Box

Choose from a variety of different and charming greenery subscriptions, and your mom will receive a fresh, beautiful delivery every month. From cut flowers and arranged bouquets to houseplants and adorable succulents, there is something perfect for you mom that will continue to bring her joy month after month.

Reading Materials

Summer is a great time to kick back and relax. You can make this easier for your mom by giving her a basket of reading materials. Be sure to include the latest best-sellers. She will love sitting out at the pool or at the beach with a great page-turner. You can also fill the basket with her favorite magazines.

Take it one step further and include a subscription to a magazine that you know she will appreciate. This will turn into the gift that keeps on giving all year long. You can top the reading basket off with a mug and a gift card to the local coffee shop.

Special Activity

If you feel like your mom already has all of the material things that she can possibly need, you may want to consider giving her the gift of your time. Your mom will delight in a day of fun with her kids. Be sure to choose activities that you know that she will find appealing.

Perhaps you want to visit an exhibit at a museum she has been wanting to check out? If your mom is active, maybe you can plan a hike and a picnic in the woods? End the day off with a nice dinner with the family.

A special activity will create lasting memories for your mom. Even if you have to set up a virtual day, there are a plethora of virtual tours and streaming activities you can plan online if current circumstances prohibit you from traveling.

Buy Her Summer Clothes

It is common knowledge that most people like to wear new and fresh clothing whenever they get the chance. If they had the money, then they might never repeat an outfit because they want to look fresh all the time.

A similar thing might be right for your mom as well. That’s why you can buy her a bunch of clothes that are breathable and light.

Depending on the budget, you can look into loungewear, casual, evening wear, office outfits, and a little fancy. While you are at it, look into some comfy and light shoes as well.

Offer To Do Her Chores

Doing all the chores in the house is not easy work. Even if you or your siblings share the workload, your mom might pretty much do most of the things by herself.

Since it’s so hot and your mom has been doing these things for years, offer her a day, weekend, or entire week off of all the house chores. You could also do some things from now on, and tell her that she doesn’t have to worry about it.

This simple thing might make her feel very proud and happy. You can take it a step further and get her a fully paid spa day to unwind.

Get Her Car Air Conditioning Checked

Cars are complicated machines, and they can very easily get wrecked if they are not properly maintained. Considering the fact that most people simply let their vehicles run if nothing is wrong, your mom might not have gotten it checked for years. That’s why now is as good a time as any.

You can offer to take your mom’s car to a mechanic and ask them to do a full cleaning of the air conditioning system. If you can fork up some more cash, then try to get the car in as best a shape as possible.

Smart Thermostat

Recently, many companies have started to introduce smart technology to make people’s life more comfortable. While there are many products that you can get, smart thermostats can be a great addition to your home.

These devices can automatically set the temperature according to your pre-set commands. It can also save a lot of electricity by operating according to the number of people in a room. In case the AC is on in an empty room, the smart thermostat can automatically turn it off. Plus, your mom can easily set the temperature on her smartphone.

Skincare Products

Every woman uses many skincare products every day to help her maintain a flawless and young skin. Since buying cheap products does more harm than good, having a proper skincare routine can be expensive.

That’s why you can look into all-natural skincare products from good brands. While you should check the specifics of the products that your mom uses, the general ones would be:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Serum
  • Targeted treatment products
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator

Subscription with a Coffee Club

If your mom loves to have a cup of caffeine in the morning or enjoys good quality beans and powder, then you should look into coffee clubs.

There are many coffee clubs on the internet that you can look into. They are very affordable, and they deliver packs of coffee beans or powder bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. But you should look into a long term subscription so that your mom can enjoy good coffee for a few months.

To make this gift even better, you can get a “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug that she can use. You can also try to get something more creative written on a mug.

A Bottle of Perfume

Every woman has a couple of bottles of perfume and cans of body spray in her room. There are also various categories, which usually range from casual to fancy.

Depending on your budget, you can get a nice bottle of perfume that suits any occasion. If possible, make sure the packaging and the bottle are as good as the scent inside.

Wine Chiller

Having a glass of chilled wine can be incredibly refreshing for many occasions. Still, most people don’t have a wine chiller in their homes.

If you have a big one, then consider buying a one bottle wine chiller for your mom. They are inexpensive and often very stylish. Your mom can even travel with it and keep her wine chilled for a nice picnic or something.

To go along with the chiller, try to get a bottle of the most exceptional wine you can afford for your mom.

Vacuum Robot

Your mom most likely spends a lot of time cleaning around the house. But the floors are parts that remain dirty a lot no matter how much she tries to tidy them up.

To help her with the chores, you can get a robotic vacuum that cleans up the floor.

Whatever you decide – make it personal, memorable and all about your mom and what makes her happy. Moms have a way of ignoring their wants to make sure you get everything you want. So, now that you have the means to make sure she gets everything she wants.