2 Useful Features of Air Fryer Which You Might Not Know About

You may have heard your friend going on about how fantastic their new Air Fryer is. They might be telling you all the meals that they’ve cooked with it, and how easy and fast it is to use for them. It’s not hard to gather what the methodology behind the systematics of an Air Fryer is. A large mechanical fan on the inside of the casing pushes extremely hot air and little bits of oil around, in order to cook whatever, it is that is put in there. It gives it a fantastic cook, and is a lot healthier than using a deep fat fryer too. But you may understand this and still be thinking, well what else can it do? What else makes it useful? What else does it have in store that will make me interested enough to take notice or even buy one? Well we are glad you are asking questions, and just in honour of your critical mind-set we are going to let you know about a few features of the standard Air Fryer that you might not know about. They are still very, very new on the market so not everyone knows just what the little device is capable of when it puts it’s power to it. This is more than greaseless fryer reviews, we are looking at the amazing hidden features of the Air Fryer to give you a more clear idea of the machine you may end up purchasing!

  1. Dishwasher safe


You remember when it came time to clean your deep fat fryer? You’d have to basically chisel the basket out from all the dried grease and fat, and what could you do with it? Well the only thing for it was to just chuck it in the washing up. There ensued a frantic and chaotic session of scraping endlessly at dried grease, rubbing it furiously trying so hard to pry any part of oil and fat you could off. Props to anyone who made it through this harrowing event alive and energetic enough to tell the tale. Well, did you know that with the Air Fryer this is a thing of the past? How is that possible you wonder? Well if you look at the features of your Air Fryer or any standard Air Fryer at all, you will find that the basket that it uses to cook food is actually plastic, quite small, and most importantly it is dishwasher safe. This means when the basket gets dirty, greasy or grimey all you need to really do is chuck it into the dishwasher with all your plates and cutlery and turn it on. It’ll be fine in there, and by the end of the cycle you’ll have a brand new tray to use on whatever food you see fit.


  1. Automatic shut off


So many cooking appliances of yesteryear are responsible for overcooked food, burnt food or even worse, house fires and large scale accidents! When you are using a conventional oven or a deep fat fryer you must always be checking to see if everything is cooking okay, and that nothing is burning. Well this is not a problem that you are going to face when it comes to the fabulous Air Fryer, most Air Fryers on the market at the moment come with an automatic shut off feature. What does this mean? Well they all work on a timer, say you put something on for half an hour, when that half an hour is up, your Air Fryer will simply switch off and wait for you to come and take the food. This is an ingenious little feature that not only ensures your meal is cooked to perfection, but also provides you with a little bit of safety and security, as you know that the food will never get burnt or lead to a house fire or anything of that magnitude.

With review sites and stores ranting and raving about how amazing Air Fryers is, it’s no surprise that customers feel like they know all there is to know about the little machines. They seem very simple in their design and that’s because largely they are. But being that they are a modern appliance made by some of the best developers of kitchenware in the world, most of them are filled with amazing little features of cuisinart toa-60 air fryer toaster oven that blow any other conventional cooker or oven out of the water completely.