3 Canadian Cities for True Foodies

Sampling the local cuisine is often at the top of many people’s lists when they travel. You get the chance to try foods you’ve never had before or experience your favorite foods from famous local restaurants in the area. For serious foodies, getting a certain food that you can’t get anywhere else might be the whole purpose of your trip. If you’re someone who has a passion for food and an appreciation for culture, these top cities in Canada should be placed on your bucket list.

Being well-known for many different cuisines and culture driven foods, it is no wonder that Canada is the perfect destination for foodies. Throughout Canada, you can find not only amazing restaurants, but also food trucks, markets, wineries, and more places to enjoy a meal or grab a drink. Canada has so much to offer to foodies that you might have a hard time picking just one place to visit.

Here are three cities in Canada that you absolutely have to see if you’re a foodie.

Toronto, Ontario

It’s no surprise that you’ll be able to find a variety of great places to eat in Canada’s biggest city. Known for its diverse flavors and many cultures, Toronto is sure to satisfy your taste buds. While you most likely won’t have the opportunity to taste everything, the following suggestions are the most sought out while visiting. A Canadian classic such as poutine is sure to be found in Toronto. You can find this dish of hand-cut fries topped with gravy and cheese curds at numerous restaurants throughout the city. However, some have placed their own spin on the dish with upgrades such as added meat, like barbecue pork.

You can also get your hands on a delicious pea meal bacon sandwich, which consists of a freshly baked bun topped with a large serving of grilled bacon with tangy mustard, which is how it became Toronto’s signature dish.

Expanding outside the traditional Canadian culture, you can find a mix of food from different regions. You can seek out a Jamaican-Asian dish such as jerk lobster or an Italian dish with a Jamaican flair such as Rasta Pasta, which is a combination of a traditional lasagna dish with Jamaican spices. After trying the many different cuisines available, you’ll be searching homes for sale in Toronto because you’ll never want to leave.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is an ideal city for people who love food to take a trip to. Visiting Montreal can feel exactly like taking a trip to a European city, and you’ll also get to experience amazing foods like you would in Europe. This allows you to try new dishes without having to travel very far. While you can find amazing French foods in Montreal, that’s not the only kind of food the city has to offer.

Established over 60 years ago, a well-known food in Montreal is from the home-grown burger chain, Dic Ann’s. Pleasuring customer’s taste buds with their thin burger patties topped with their signature spicy meat sauce all within their just as thin buns has required them to develop numerous locations. Expanding outside of the Canadian realm of poutine, your next best bet is a steamé. This popular steamed hot dog is topped with coleslaw and relish is a favorite to many.

You can find many lined up at iconic delis throughout Montreal. The most famous sandwich seen in Montreal is a classic smoked-meat sandwich. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, perhaps a bagel will suit your needs. A Montreal-style bagel can be found throughout numerous bakeries amongst the city.

Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’re traveling along the West Coast, you have to stop in Vancouver to experience the local food. Dishes made from seafood tend to control Vancouver’s dishes. From signature sushi rolls to smoked salmon glazed with maple syrup or local honey are both crowd-pleasers. Fresh prawns are also famous among the surrounding waters of Vancouver, so much so, that an annual Spot Prawn Festival is held annually on Granville Island.

However, if you’re not a big fan of seafood, there’s still plenty of foods for you to experience that are extremely important in Vancouver. While in the city, be sure to try one of the many indigenous foods such as fiddleheads, elk, and other native West Coast foods. You can also experience a taste of Chinese and Japanese cuisines at a multitude of restaurants around the city. These restaurants focus on bringing these cultures to light in the city of Vancouver.