Food as art

One of my favourite topics is food, and it seems that food which is sculpted in to art is quickly gaining popularity in the creative world. Finally we seem to be learning from cultures like the Japanese who have been turning food into art for centuries. This innovative art form can be truly awe-inspiring but fun at the same time. The next time your looking for a some good pork chop recipes or testing out new sausage recipes you may just find yourself sculpting that food in to pieces of art rather than making dinner! These examples should give you some food for thought on your next masterpiece…

This one is hilarious and must have taken a long time to sculpt


This ‘art’ one is simple but super-effective

I wish my laptop was like this!

This definitely freaking me out more than just a little

Love this clever use of aubergine

Such an amazing use of salmon and potatoes to create this brilliant picture

Banana love –

Slightly rude but also slightly amazing

A clever recreation of “real” art –

And finally – this car is not for the faint-hearted!