Snacking Your Way to a Fitter and Healthier You

Registered Dietician Cheryl Forberg, who is the dietician for the reality TV series, “The Biggest Loser” says that snacking is the secret to losing weight and never having to worry about it for the rest of your life. This cannot be discounted because Ms. Forberg has been with the series for 15 seasons and has helped numerous contestants to have healthier lives and trimmer bodies.

That’s the operative word there: healthy snacks — and not just eating anything you see. By combining food items to give you healthy carbohydrates, lean protein and about 150-250 calories, you supplement your daily nutrition needs as you consume food that are good for you to keep your energy levels up during the busiest hours of your day.

Do not sacrifice snacks

Nutritionist and author of the book “The One One One Diet,” Rania Batayneh said that it is not good to sacrifice snacks just so you can cut on calories. She said that in order to lose weight, a dieter must actually eat snacks.

According to her, snacks provide your body with the fuel it needs between meals. Carefully selected nutritious munchies ensure that you are not too hungry at mealtime. Healthy snacking also keeps your metabolism up. Prepare snacks that are packed with all the right nutrients within the 150- to 200-calorie count and you will maintain your diet without depriving yourself of the needed nutrients. You will stay fitter and slimmer this way.

Here are some healthy snack ideas to get your started.

  1. Celery and Carrots

This is a great low-calorie snack. Cut carrots and celery into sticks for a one-cup serving. Dip them in 2 tablespoons hummus. Drink 8oz green tea with lemon and ice. The veggies have a high-water content, so they will fill you up without giving you too many calories. Hummus is fiber- and protein-rich, making it the perfect partner for your crunchy duo.

  1. Dip and Chips

Prepare half a cup of salsa, replacing sour cream with 1/4 cup fat-free cottage cheese. Use this as your dip for 6 pieces baked corn tortilla chips. This is a protein-rich snack that will rev up your energy midday or mid-afternoon. Wash down your zesty snack with 8oz of water for a very satisfying mini meal.

  1. Greek yogurt with honey and raspberries

This is a very filling tangy snack with a touch of sweetness. This snack will definitely perk you up. Combine a single-serve cup of Greek yogurt with 1/2 tablespoon of honey and 1 cup of raspberries. This snack will give you loads of vitamin C, protein, fiber and healthy fats that will curb your hunger and keep you going until mealtime.

  1. Walnuts + grapes

You can sate your hunger with a cup of grapes and a handful of walnuts for a super energy-boosting combo that is full of protein, healthy fats, fiber and natural sugar.

  1. Mediterranean snack tray

You can already consider this a meal instead of just a snack. Prepare a Mediterranean-style diet that is rich in fiber. Combine 4 tablespoons of hummus, four kalamata olives and one cup of sliced cucumber for a freshly invigorating snack that’s super low-fat.

  1. Oatmeal with blueberries

Don’t think that oatmeal is just breakfast fare. The good-for-the-heart oats can be eaten anytime. They are rich in fiber and can help regulate the level of sugar in your blood. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and natural sugar. Buy plain microwaveable oatmeal for your afternoon snack. Top it with 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries.

  1. Banana with peanut butter

Don’t forget this old favorite. One tablespoon of peanut butter spread over one large banana will provide you with the carbohydrates you need to spike your energy plus the protein to maintain your energy level for several hours.

Exercise could make you fitter and eating the right food will make you healthier. See to it that you eat nutritious food at mealtime and supplement your daily nutrient needs by eating healthy snacks. Just make sure that you eat the right amount so you’ll remain fit and healthy.