The most expensive ways to cure your sweet tooth

There’s nothing quite like expensive and/or exotic grub. Such culinary delights are a welcome change from the usual pork chop recipes or sausage sandwiches which frequent my average weekly repertoire. Needless to say this means I love eating out – just for a break from the norm. Especially my favourite course – the dessert. For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert tray can mean a very important decision! And, of course, the anticipation and sensation of a really great, indulgent pudding. But if money were no object, would that change my hardcore favourite desserts, i.e. sticky toffee pudding, hot chocolate fudge cake or Green and Black’s honeycomb chocolate? With this in mind I decided to hunt down what I WOULD have in my fridge should I win the lottery, rob a bank (or similar!).

1) Sultan’s Golden Cake

This dessert is served at Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Istanbul, costs $1,000 and takes 72 hours to prepare! It is made with apricot, figs, pears and quince that are soaked in a special Jamaican Rum for about two years. Another ingredient is French Polynesia’s vanilla bean. The topping of the Sultan’s Golden Cake contains a 24 carat gold leaf, black truffles and caramel.


2) Knipschildt’s Chocopologie

Founded in 1999 by Fritz Knipschildt, Knipschildt Chocolatier makes the most expensive truffle around.  At $240 each (yes this is not a typo!), this dark chocolate truffle is made of 70% Valrhona cacao, which is blended into a creamy ganache with truffle oil. The truffle is hand-rolled with a dark truffle on the inside & then dusted with cocoa powder. Sounds rather delicious!


3) Frozen Haute Chocolate by Serendipity III

If you have to book in at least two weeks in advance for a for a dessert, then chances are it’s going to be a) devine and b) expensive! A creation from the Manhattan restaurant, Serendipity III, this dessert will set you back $25,000! The dessert is a mix of cocoas and milk frozen to a slushy consistency. Five grams of 24-carat gold are mixed in, then the chocolate is topped with whipped cream and even more gold. It is then garnished with La Madeline au Truffe.
It is served in a goblet surrounded with a crown made of yet more gold. And diamonds!

4) Strawberries Arnaud

This innocuous-looking strawberry dessert is exceptional because it is garnished with a diamond ring. It’s also accompanied by a rare port from a $24,850 Charles X crystal cave liqueur set — in the presence of a jazz ensemble. Seems a lot of money for strawberries and cream!

5) Macaroons Haute Couture

Starting from $7,414, these desserts feature a variety of ingredients sandwiched between puffs made from chef Hermé’s special ingredients like “fleur de sel” and balsamic vinegar. The best part is that you can decide what to put in your macaroons, with fillings ranging from peanut butter to chocolate with red wine.

6)  Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

A resort in Sri Lanka is charging $14,500 for one of the world’s most expensive desserts.Called “The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence”, it is a gold leaf Italian cassata flavored with Irish cream. It is served with a mango and pomegranate compote and champagne sabayon enlighten. It is also decorated with a chocolate carving of a fisherman that is clinging to a stilt and an 80 carat aquamarine stone.


7) Noka Chocolate

The chocolate made by Noka is known for being one of the finest and most expensive in the world. With cocoa from the finest regions in the world, such as Venezuela Ecuador or Côte d’Ivoire, their Vintage collection costs around $854 per pound!


8) Brownie Extraordinaire
From a place called Dessert Experience in Atlantic City, this brownie comes with a St. Louis crystal atomiser filled with 1996 Quinto do Noval. This is to be sprayed into the mouth between mouthfuls of the hazelnut coated brownie. It also costs a mere $1000! Snip at the price!

9) Gold Leaf Laced Semifreddo
This chilled mousse on a crushed biscuit base is accented with golf leaf, Louis XVI-soaked prunes and vanilla-truffle foam.  It’s accompanied by a glass of orange-scented Cristal. $50 a pop!

10) Chocolate Variation

This dessert is served in a hotel called Lebua in Bangkok and costs $640. Expensive ingredients include a Champagne serbet made from crème brulee, the Roederer Cristal Brut of 2000 and edible golden leaves. Perigord truffle, a slice of chocolate cake and strawberry chocolate mousse are used for the topping.