Easy Dishes to Cook for Vegetarians

Many individuals have the mistaken idea that purely vegetarian meals are not filling, hard to make and likely tasteless. Some of these erroneous rumors began when local grocery stores first jumped on the vegan wagon years ago by offering mostly frozen vegetarian meals filled with ingredients that were supposed to taste like meat but rarely did. Well first off, there are many vegetarians across the country who grew up eating tasty dishes that were filled with fresh veggies, wholesome grains and other fresh food bounties typically from a nearby farm field or garden.

Vegetarianism Is Older Than You Might Think

The odd thing about vegetarian food is that many families from generations back used more of these healthier food picks that they often grew on their land. During poorer economic times, many families could not afford to eat meat and used meatless meals for the most part except maybe on rare occasions. The terrific thing about today’s current resurgence of vegetarian dishes is that people can have a vast supply of incredible recipes that use only vegetarian preferred ingredients. Many use just a few ingredients which makes the food purchasing and preparation time so much faster and simpler to understand and cook.

The Simple Way To Learn To Cook Vegetarian Dishes

One way to learn to cook vegetarian dishes is by taking a cooking class at someplace like Cozymeal. They even have specific classes concentrating on vegetarian dishes. Cooking classes are more expensive than cooking at home but they provide unique insights, so depending on your budget situation, a cooking class may or may not be the right option for you.

Use The Internet

Another way to learn vegetarian cooking is to consult the internet. A quick search shows individuals interested in easy dishes to cook for vegetarians that there are endless choices. Individuals can find many American styled recipes, and they will find plenty of savory dishes popular in many different countries and cultures from around the world. To heighten the superior taste of fresh food choices, most vegetarian cooks recommend using homegrown or very fresh spices, herbs and other natural flavor enhancers. Doing this can bring out all of the wonderful flavors that most people have never tasted before. Most Americans eat only over-processed foods, artificially flavored products and bland or tasteless foods harvested before the item had a chance to ripen naturally when most of that flavor process happens.

Simple Dishes To Cook As A Vegetarian

Some easy-to-prepare vegetarian dishes for beginner cooks include simple skillet meals like sauteed asparagus perfectly marinated in a rich wine based sauce then topped with fresh shredded Italian cheese. Another recipe for fried zucchini uses freshly-ground cracked pepper and hints of orange and woodsy herbs. There are countless vegetarian perfect recipes for various casseroles that can be served cold or warm. Examples of summertime appropriate casseroles are three bean casseroles that mix layers of filling kidney beans, and two layers of in-season green beans and one yellow bean. These layers are topped with crunchy salad toppings, and each recipe typically includes a special sauce to drizzle over each layer.

Pasta Vegetarian Recipes

Pasta recipes are popular for vegetarian families. Try a zesty pesto sauce made with fresh garden tomatoes simmered with onions and peppers. Add nutritious goat cheese shaped into bite-sized balls. Squashes are a favorite fall food choice. These veggies are naturally filling, and they taste wonderful when flavored with garlic or herb of your choice. Homemade soup and thick crust sandwiches are other dishes ideal for a nourishing lunchtime selection or served as the main dinner meal with more filling ingredients.


New cooks can also easily locate many good recipes for salads. Try a fresh Caesar salad with finely-shredded Greek, Romano or other sharper white cheese and fresh garlic with Parmesan cheese. Make a tangy dressing, top with bacon bits and herb croutons. Standard macaroni and cheese using several cheeses from the deli melted into a creamy sauce with fragrant herbs is always a standby meal that tastes so much better when it is homemade. Those interested in vegetarian cooking can find more fantastic easy dishes to cook for vegetarians than ever before.

Final Thoughts

There is this general misconception that vegetarians eat foods that are bland. If you just take a few minutes to find some recipes that are created by those that have experience, you quickly figure out that this is not the case. The examples mentioned above are just some of the numerous ones available. In fact, the world of vegetarian cooking is so much more creative since chefs need to come up with new ways to use foods that are generally not as “tasty” as others. The spices and flavors used are so often better than meals that are not vegetarian. Take the leap and experiment with your cooking and you will not be disappointed.