3 Interest-Based Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life 

Figuring out the right gift to give the guys in your life can be challenging. While there are a few tried-and-true gifts, they can get boring and feel impersonal. You should be delighted with whatever you’re giving. Most importantly, you want him to love his present and actually use it rather than waste your money on clutter.

Consider what he enjoys second, then something specific that connects to his hobbies. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or even just because, choose a gift that’s individually tailored to him and your budget. Continue reading below for three gift ideas for all guys in your life you care about most.

1. For the Guy Who Loves His Coffee

If your guy loves his morning coffee, a coffee carafe is a necessary and aesthetically pleasing component of the coffee-making process. It doesn’t have the same rush of excitement as brewing, but it’s just as crucial for enjoying the coffee. If you brew a larger quantity of coffee, you’ll need to keep it somewhere, either to pour immediately or throughout the day. Bring out the coffee carafe!

A coffee carafe is a cross between a coffee pitcher and a coffee thermos. They preserve brewed coffee for as long or as little as you desire and serve as a coffee pourer. These are frequently included with drip coffee makers, but they are also helpful with pour-over coffee, French press coffee, and any larger batches of brewed coffee. Consider getting a coffee carafe for your coffee guy.

2. For the Guy Who Loves to Travel

If you’re looking for a gift for the jet setter, consider a weekender bag! Having high-quality luggage is essential when traveling, and you can’t go wrong with a classic leather duffel. If he splits his time between a job, a partner, a group of close friends, parents, and relatives living in another city, a monthly gym subscription, and weekend vacations to replenish the batteries, a leather duffle bag is precisely what he needs.

A high-quality leather duffle bag is not going to give out anytime soon. And, for the most part, it won’t break down quickly, even if he consistently takes it with him everywhere. Even a little leather duffel bag for daily use can withstand wear and tear well. Whether you pick out a leather duffle bag, a leather rolling duffle bag, or a tiny leather duffle bag for those hectic city days, the man in your life will have a dependable companion for all his activities for years to come.

3. For the Guy Who Loves to Learn

Learning new things is key to keeping a healthy, strong mind, so get him something that will help him keep his mind young. Consider getting him a subscription to a learning platform like MasterClass, Skillshare, or Udemy, just to name a few. Classes on these platforms are typically taught by reputable professionals through videos and written instructions.

While some platforms focus on traditional subjects that you might learn in school, others may teach you a new hobby or help you develop your interpersonal skills. There are endless options for areas of learning, including cooking, acting, business, and much more.

Depending on what your guy likes to learn, you can do some digging on what classes are offered on each platform and see which he might enjoy most. And with a year’s worth of a subscription, he’ll be thinking about your thoughtful present all year long.

Finding the Perfect Present

Some people are tough to shop for, but you can find a fitting present if you focus on their hobbies. Whether he enjoys coffee, travel, or learning, use these gift ideas to narrow down your options.