Easy and Effective Ways to Save Money on Appliance Repair

An essential appliance suffering an unexpected breakdown can throw your usual routine into disarray. For example, it won’t take long for your household to feel the effects of a nonfunctional dishwasher, oven or washing machine. Further complicating matters are exorbitant repair costs, which stand to leave a sizable hole in your personal finances. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to resign yourself to shelling out a small fortune every time a major appliance goes on the fritz. Anyone looking for simple, effective ways to make appliance repair easier on the old bank account should consider the following measures.

Find a Repair Service that Offers Fair Pricing

Although appliance repair is commonly associated with high prices, there are many repair and maintenance services that pride themselves on offering fair prices. Case in point: https://www.canduhome.com/ offers members flat-rate fees, access to an expansive DIY library and easy scheduling – among many other convenient amenities. When shopping around for the right repair service, look for a company that has extensive experience repairing the type of appliance you need looked at and has received consistently high marks from satisfied customers. Furthermore, if you’re on a tight budget, take care to receive a quote before committing to do business with a new company.

Invest in Extended Warranties

Many big-ticket appliances come with limited-time manufacturer warranties. These warranties cover a fairly slim range of issues and generally last between six months and one year. Although the exact terms and conditions vary depending on the product and company, most warranties of this type only cover defects that are undeniably the fault of the manufacturer. Conversely, issues that arise from misuse or wear and tear are generally regarded as the consumer’s responsibility. Despite how limited in scope most manufacturer warranties are, they can come in handy if you experience a manufacturing defect with a relatively new appliance.

If you’re in the market for wider coverage, investing in extended warranties may prove worth your while. These warranties typically last for periods ranging from one to two years and cover a much broader range of issues. However, depending on the appliance, an extended warranty may add a couple hundred dollars to an already high purchase price. Still, if you intend to get many years of use out of a major appliance, spending some extra money at the outset can provide you with first-rate coverage and peace of mind whenever the product in question finds itself in need of repair or maintenance.

Promptly Respond to Small Problems

When many of us encounter small problems with our appliances, we leave these issues to resolve themselves. Unfortunately, instead of producing the desired outcome, this approach often results in seemingly negligible problems becoming severe – and costly – issues. While calling in a professional to diagnose and address a small problem may involve spending a little bit of money, this is preferable to spending an exorbitant amount on large-scale repairs down the line or having to replace the appliance entirely. In other words, putting forth a little bit of capital in the short term can save you a fortune in the long run.

Avoiding Misusing Appliances

A fair number of maintenance issues occur as a result of appliances being misused, overused or generally neglected. This is particularly true in the case of appliances that are used on a daily basis, like washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators. More often than not, we misuse these devices without even realizing it. In order to avoid the litany of issues that stem from misuse, make a point of using your appliances as directed by their respective owner’s manuals. Upon consulting these manuals, you may be surprised to discover how neglectful you’ve been with certain devices.

When a major appliance breaks down, it’s entirely natural to be filled with dread. Will you find yourself faced with a massive repair bill? Will the appliance in question ever operate at peak efficiency again? Will you ultimately be forced to shell out the cash for a replacement? While there’s no denying the fact that appliance repair entails spending money, there are numerous steps you can take to cushion the financial blow. With the help of the measures discussed above, you can keep your big-ticket appliances in working condition without breaking the bank.