3 Ways to Psych Yourself Up to Get the Exercise You Know You Need

We can all blame the holidays for those extra pounds that have accumulated in all the wrong places, but the truth is, we also know the reason for that. It wasn’t the extra portion of sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving and it wasn’t the Christmas cookies we just couldn’t stay away from. A binge every now and again doesn’t really hurt – that much, anyway! It’s more of what we aren’t doing as opposed to what we have done, and that is exercise. If you really want to take off a few inches, it’s time to get with the program. Here are 3 ways to easily psych yourself up to get the exercise you know you need.

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1. If You’re Going to Do It – Do It in Style

One of the easiest ways to motivate yourself to get up and get going is to find trendy exercise gear to work out in. Whether you choose colorful customized roller skates to work on cardio along with muscle tone in your legs, or designer Capri leggings for running and dancercise, the choice is yours. As a matter of fact, you can even enjoy a ten minute dancercise workout at home to the beat of a YouTube video or join a group at the local gym or rec center. In fact, why would you want to put on those new designer fashions to dance alone at home? Joining the local gym is more ‘inspirational’ than you might imagine at this point.

2. Make It a Social Event

By joining a gym or working out a local rec center, it’s all the more fun if you make it a social event. Get a group of the girls together and workout together. Some women like to go to an aerobics or dancercise group a few times a week and others can only make it once a week. That’s okay too. Just make it social. Also, don’t forget to wear those amazing new designer Capris you just bought for inspiration. Most gyms now have mixed sessions which means that you just might meet the man of your dreams there while working off those extra inches.

3. Use Outdoor Exercise as an Icebreaker If You’re Socially Shy

Speaking of making exercise a social event, activities like walking, jogging, biking and skating can help break the ice when getting out and about in this very big, and very scary, world. Some females are just socially shy. We tend to have no problem meeting people online because they aren’t there for you to ‘read’ as you try to make light conversation. When enjoying your newfound passion for outdoor exercise, you’ll probably meet others who are out on their morning run or jogging the trail in a local park. At those periodic rest and stretch stops, it’s easy to strike up a conversation. You can always talk about how many times a week you come to this park (hint, hint) or you can talk about other trails you’ve traversed.

Here’s your takeaway. Dress in the latest fashions and make it social. If you aren’t psyched up meeting that gorgeous guy who runs your same path every morning, it’s time to resolve yourself into being a lifelong couch potato. Not psyched yet? Girl, just look at those abs standing right in front of you. That’s the kind of candy which won’t add the inches – eye candy at its very best! So, what are you waiting for? Get up and get going, time’s a wastin’!