4 Activities to Enjoy on Your Spa Trip

Do you need a few days to escape from your never ending to-do list? Is the stress created by work and family life weighing you down?

Relaxing in your own home can be difficult when a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink stares you down when you try to take a second for yourself. That’s why a spa trip is one of the best ways to set aside time from your busy life to take a break from it all. The only things you have to do in this environment are sit back and relax.

Take a look at 4 activities to enjoy while away on your spa trip.

1. Get a Massage

A massage is the best way to release any built-up tension in your body. Massages reduce pain and soreness in your muscles. They improve your circulation and give you a boost of energy afterward. You’ll wonder why you waited this long to get one in the first place.

Getting a massage may be outside of your comfort zone, but the best spa in Austin and other professional spas keep the process professional. Talk to the massage therapist about what you are comfortable with or ask any questions if it is your first time. You will never be persuaded to try anything that makes you uncomfortable.

After your trip, don’t be surprised if you start booking a massage more often.

2. Detox

The beginning of your spa trip can be difficult if your body is not familiar with the routine. Eliminating sugars, greasy food, and caffeine from your diet as part of a detox regimen might feel like a shock but will have you feeling lighter at the end of your trip.

You might feel lethargic for a day or two. Your body needs time to go through a slight withdrawal of the chemicals that leave you craving more of these foods and from the sudden break from your on-the-go schedule.

Your body will thank you for the cleanse. By the time you get home, your cravings won’t be so aggressive. Your body will continue to ask for healthier options to keep up the routine you started on your spa trip.

3. Go for a Swim

Spending some time in the pool will take some impact stress off your body as you swim around. Swimming is a light exercise perfect for keeping your heart rate up while still giving your body a break.

Now, you don’t have to swim laps around the pool like you’re training for the next Olympic games. Just give your muscles a good stretch and float around in the cool water. If the spa you go to has a swimming pool, then you won’t have to worry about someone splashing water in your face after jumping off the diving board.

Swimming releases endorphins. Take advantage of the endorphins your body releases and come home feeling calm and refreshed. You might even come back home ready to take up swimming as a new hobby or way to exercise at your local pool.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness looks different for everyone and can be combined with other activities on this list. Take a moment to observe your breathing, taking in deep breaths and releasing them at an even rhythm while you’re getting a massage or floating down the length of the pool.

Get in touch with your senses. What is your body telling you? Rearrange your plans for the day if you feel like you need some extra rest or time alone. If you don’t allow your body to rest when it asks, you’ll end up out of commission when you least expect it.

Spend this time reconnecting with yourself by paying attention to the little things around you. You can also meditate or do some yoga. Even just ten minutes of meditating or yoga can help your body feel more relaxed and your mind at ease.

Tap into mindfulness by taking deep breathes during the appointment. Steady inhales and exhales are known to clear busy thoughts and encourage you to be present.

Don’t Forget to Stay Present

Your spa trip is all about you. Relax and don’t fixate on any appointments and errands you will be returning to shortly.

We recommend leaving your phone in the car as well, so there are no distractions. Instead, of checking emails before your massage, enjoy a cup of tea and a magazine in the waiting area.

We guarantee that being present and letting your mind wander to other headspaces that don’t involve work will make the entire experience more effective and rewarding.