4 Characteristics Of Merino Wool That Make It A “Superfabric”

If someone told you that there was a fabric out there that had all the desirable characteristics one might want for their clothes, you might naturally assume that it was some kind of lab-created Franken-fabric. But in fact, there is a fabric that has all the good qualities rolled into one, and it’s all-natural: Merino wool. This soft, luxurious fabric has been hailed as a “superfabric” because it has amazing qualities that make it perfect for any season and any occasion. Wool from a Merino sheep is usually finer and softer than traditional wool, giving it four main characteristics that make this wool absolutely amazing.

Merino Wool Doesn’t Wrinkle

This means you don’t have to worry about ironing your Merino clothing, or about it wrinkling up when you pack it in a suitcase. Merino wool fibres have an anti-static property, and the fibre has natural little coils that mimic a spring. You can crush the shirt or stretch it, but the fibres will “spring” back to their original shape so it doesn’t wrinkle – not only does this make the fabric ideal for travelling, but this is also what makes Merino fabric drape so beautifully.
Merino Wool Has Anti-Bacterial Qualities

This is an impressive trait of merino wool. Because merino wool has anti-bacterial qualities, it won’t absorb bad smells as fast as other clothing, which means that merino wool clothing doesn’t have to be washed as often. Not only will this lead to less laundry, but it also means that your clothing will last longer because the garments aren’t subjected to as many harsh washing cycles. Certain brands like Unbound Merino understand this property well, and make stylish, straightforward clothing with the world traveller in mind – since these garments stay fresher for longer, you don’t need to pack as many, keeping your bag light and your travel costs down.
Merino Wool Is A Breathable Fabric

It is water-repellent and has moisture-wicking abilities. This means that as you sweat, the fabric will pull the moisture from your body and change it to vapour form, then it releases it to the lower humidity area, into the air and away from your body. This trait is why merino wool is often used in athletic wear, as it is able to hold moisture, over 25% of its weight, and still feel dry.

Merino Wool Serves As An Insulating Fabric

It has natural heating and cooling abilities. When its cooler outside, Merino wool can trap “dead air” because the wool is crimped, which is a great insulator against cold air. When it is warmer outside, Merino wool will absorb your sweat, as stated above. This absorbed moisture will evaporate, causing a cooling sensation between your body and the wool.

Merino wool is a top-of-the-line wool that has the best qualities a person could ask for in a fabric. Its luxuriousness makes it great for office wear, the insulating quality makes it great for casual or travel wear, and the fact that it’s breathable makes it great for athletic wear. Investing in Merino wool clothing is a smart choice for any fashionable consumer.