4 Residential Living Ideas To Decorate Your New Home

You’ve moved close to Berkeley. Now is the time to start dreaming of its amazing décor. Home décor ideas are in abundance in your mind already. But you’re a bit cautious as to how to go about it. The budget allows you a certain limitation as well.

Stop worrying about all those mindful thoughts. After reading this piece, you’ll have a positive intent to start off with giving your home a new look.

A little colorful accent, paint, or wallpaper can make a huge difference when you’re decorating your sweet home. It hardly takes too much time. All it takes is a day or two. The result will look as if you’ve spent years to make it look wonderful!

  1. Choose Bedroom Wallpapers That Reflect Your Personal Style

Wallpapers reflect thousands of unsaid words. But this depends on how you want to depict your ideas.

Here are a few refreshing wallpaper ideas to implement:

A mixture of unusual abstract designs and trending grunge style may grab the attention of anyone who sees the watercolor wallpaper. Employ the stunning effects of the different colors. You may use contrast as well. Once the idea of beautifying your walls with unique wallpapers is executed, it will make a huge resonance in the viewer’s’ eye.

Blended with some texture, even a bit of plain wallpaper creates quite an interesting glimpse – all it needs is just the accumulation of depth and contrast. You can add it to the feature wall and bland space (such as staircase and hallways). Also, you can either go bold or subtle as it generates a conspicuous feature.

  1. Liven Up The Dark Kitchen

Dark colors traditionally make a room look smaller than its actual size. However, a fresh coat of light- shaded paint wouldn’t be a bad idea to make it look spacious. If you like dark-colored cabinets, use lighting.

To add this effect, try these lighting ideas:

  • Choose LED-strip lights that make shelves not only alluring but also the brightness makes the counter space bigger.
  • Install energy-efficient light versions instead of traditional incandescent light.
  • Insert pendant lights as these help layer the room’s lighting.
  • Add a horizontal mirror to your kitchen wall to make the kitchen look bigger and luster.
  • Swap outmoded light fixtures and decorate with copper accents in your home.
  1. Make Your Living Room Look Substantial

Besides fulfilling the purpose of just a room, a living room is bound to provide entertainment as well – it’s a common place of relaxation that should look bigger and accommodating.

Making confined areas look more spacious is an art. At the same time, making it more vibrant and elegant is something only a creative home décor master mind can do!

How about trying something unique such as installing long, flowing drapes instead of window blinds? Especially for the vertical spaces, they draw attention and expand the room.

Most designers opt for the mirror strategy, particularly in small places. A creative idea is to hang a large, wide mirror in the center creating a focal point. To add a pleasant ambiance, place it behind the lights from where it reflects. This will make it more attention-grabbing.

  1. Make Your Home Office Heartening

If you visit http://altanaglendale.com/, you’ll notice you have a myriad of options to choose from. If you’ve chosen an apartment and want to make one of the rooms as your home office, you can do a lot to decorate it.

Your workspace should reflect your creative skills – even if it’s just a tiny desk space or a huge work area. To add a splash of colors to it, consider these points:

  • Pick a metallic color and make a cohesive statement throughout the office wall.
  • You can use a different color for creating a pattern.
  • Make it long. Long desktop provides you sufficient space to organize items.
  • Use bright colors (especially white) to make it feel wide and airy.
  • Clean all the stuff and make it feel empty. Nothing distracts your focus when you’re a novelist.