5 Common Car Accidents To Prevent While Driving

Car accidents are a potential risk for every person who owns a car. With so many people on the road, the chance for incidents becomes very high. With the number of stupid car accidents, any driver out on the road today needs to take extra care to protect themselves. Even if you aren’t the one at fault, an accident can still occur. Knowing the common accidents can help avoid them. Here are 5 common car accidents to prevent while driving.

Distracted Driving Incidents

The biggest single cause of traffic accidents for the last few decades has been distracted driving. This is because roadside distractions like billboards have expanded while mobile device use has spiked. In both cases, the result is the same. Drivers have more things than ever to pay attention to while driving, that aren’t driving. Accidents can occur with only a split second’s warning and distraction for even a second in the wrong place can end in a major crash. When driving make a point to not look at your phone and not let billboards or other sights distract you. Additionally, observe fellow drivers on the road, and note the ones that do not have their eyes on the road. Giving these distracted drivers a wide berth will help you avoid trouble.


Driving too close to the rear of another car, or tailgating, can cause both minor and severe accidents. This act is usually the product of the rear driver getting frustrated by the front driver’s slower speed. This impatience can cause the driver to take a risky step. Moreover, if you are tailgating someone, you may not be able to react in time if the car in front of you brakes suddenly. If you are being followed by a tailgater, press your brake lightly to activate your brake without actually braking. This will remind the tailgater of their risk. If you find yourself tailgating, calm down and give the slowpoke a little space. Don’t let your impatience put you at risk.

Animal Collisions

Cars are not the only potential hazards on the road, animals can also be a risk. While small animals can be easily run over with little damage to your car, a deer or other large game animal can do serious damage. Animals are most commonly a risk at night, since many animals hunt or forage at night for protection. When driving through rural areas, keep an eye out for wildlife signs that indicate where animals might be. You should be especially careful to avoid these accidents while pregnant. In these areas, make sure to keep an eye on brush animals can leap from. Use high beam headlights and if necessary, drive slowly.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots can cause a disproportionate number of accidents. Parking lots combine a number of dangerous factors. It can be hard to tell if cars are just parked or occupied and about to pull out. Moving cars also have less space to swerve out of collisions. Even in empty parking lots the painted lanes and plenty of empty space can make it hard to judge where oncoming cars are going. To avoid these accidents, check your surrounding at every time. You can also help other drivers by sticking to painted lanes and make sure you park squarely in a space. Parking lots create a lot of variables, be ready for them.

DUI Accidents

A major cause for all sorts of accidents is driver impairment due to alcohol and drugs. A car is a very complicated piece of machinery to operate. You might forget this fact since you’ve grown used to doing it, but a lot can go wrong. Alcohol and drugs can slow reaction time and make even trivial tasks while driving harder to do. As a result, it’s important to avoid driving while impaired. Even if you are still well under the legal drinking limit, you may be a danger on the road. Even if you are sober, keep an eye out for other cars weaving or acting erratically. If you do get into an accident, Steven Schwartzapfel of Fighting For You explains, “you want an attorney who will really fight for the money and benefits you are entitled to and will treat you with respect and compassion during this difficult time.”Regardless of the type of vehicle, it still requires a capable driver to be safe. Avoid a DUI accident by not drinking and avoiding other dangerous drivers on the road.

Many common car accidents are easily avoidable. Most accidents are caused by distracted driving. Tailgating can cause both serious and minor accidents. Animals collisions can cause problems, particularly at night. Parking lots can provide a lot of space for accidents. Driving under the influence risks many lives needlessly. These accidents can easily be avoided with careful attention and planning.

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