5 Phone Accessories You Need For 2019

Right after you purchase a new phone, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is what accessories you want to get for it. Some people immediately look to protection, some to efficiency and convenience, and others simply to the most aesthetically pleasing items. Here are 5 accessories that will carry you through 2019. 

  1. PopSocket

A Pop Socket is a new but very popular trend that attaches to the back of your phone or case and makes holding your phone easier. It lessens the likelihood of you dropping it and cracking your screen.It’s easy to use: it simply sticks to the back of your device and has a small circular plastic piece holder that you slip between your fingers. The best part is not only are they budget-friendly, but they come in hundreds of different designs to fit whatever aesthetic. Whether you prefer plain black or full on pink glitter, there’s a PopSocket for your style. 

  1. Portable Charger

A portable charger is an absolute lifesaver for anyone who travels a lot or has long work days. If you’re on vacation and you’re going to be traveling a lot without a power source, a portable charger will prevent your phone from dying in the middle of the day. Your phone will be ready to record all your adventures, guide you around, and reach help in case of an emergency. 

  1. Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is the perfect accessory to have laying on your desk or nightstand when your charger is too far away to reach. The wireless charger is a pad that will sit on a surface, which needs to be plugged in itself, but the cords of which are typically longer than charger cords. This also means you just need to simply pick up your phone and lay it down to put it on and off charge, making charging much easier. 

  1. Phone Case

One of the biggest essentials to purchase for your device is a case. Depending on your personal needs, the type of case you need will vary. If you’re prone to damaging and dropping your cell, a protective case is the option for you. These tend to be a bit pricier, but nowhere near as expensive as a new phone or a repair.

If you work around water on even just want to take your phone in the pool or shower with you, you can find cases that will protect it from water damage. If you’re prefer simplicity and just want to update the look of your device to match your style, you can find decorative cases in most department stores and online store such as Amazon and outlets like Casely that sell a variety of cute iPhone X cases. 

  1. Car Phone Mount

If you’re someone who drives for business, travels a lot, or can’t quite seem to find your way around very easily, a phone mount for your car is the perfect accessory for you. The mount will typically clip into the air vent in your car or stick to your dash. It will then have a prop attached that will either grip your phone on sides to hold in the place, or stick onto it with a magnet that you attach to the back of your phone. The purpose of the mount is to prevent you from looking down at your phone for directions or for changing a song. Ultimately, it protects you from danger.

Bottom Line

There are so many phone accessories that you can purchase, but it’s important to consider the essentials first before you spend money on all the extravagant accessories. Phone cases are needed to provide any sort of protection and personality to your phone, and charging devices make your life much easier just when you need them.

Stock up on resourceful tools like these before a shopping spree!