The Four Must-have Accessories For Your Smartphone

There are very few times in life when we’re without our smartphone. Not only is it vital for keeping in touch with family and friends far and wide, but the vast array of apps and social media platforms you can access makes it the ideal device for beating boredom and staying entertained, whether you’re on the go or at home.

As our smartphone is so important to our life, why not treat it to a few extra little items to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device? By investing in the following accessories, you can turn your device from great to a lifesaver. With that in mind, here are four things every smartphone owner should have for their device.

A smartwatch

There was a time before smartphones when designers were trying to make phones smaller and smaller to fit into even the tiniest of pockets or purses. These days, it seems that the screens of smartphones are staying the exact same size or even getting bigger as the number of things we can do with them increases. This means it can often be impractical to carry them around, especially if we’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t have much room in the pockets. This means that your phone will normally get thrown at the bottom of your bag. While you’ll still have the phone with you, it’s highly likely that you’ll miss lots of notifications, especially if the phone is on silent, as you won’t be able to feel the phone vibrate.

To make sure you never miss an important notification, why not turn your phone into a fashion accessory in itself. You might think smartwatches are big, bulky, ugly devices. In fact, they are becoming more and more stylish and are now available with hundreds of different wristbands to choose from. You can even buy several wristbands and have different colors to match different outfits. If you already have an iPhone, it’d be a good idea to buy an Apple watch as they’ll link seamlessly together. If you’re unsure which Apple watch to buy, consult a comparison review online. These will show you exactly which features are available on each device.

Wireless headphones

One of the most problematic features of any smartphone can be the headphones. Whether you want to listen to music or watch a film, you’re forced to have your ears connected via a cable to your phone. If you’re working out or even trying to find the ideal angle to watch a film, you could find these headphones actually start pulling on your ears as the device moves. To rectify this problem, why not buy a pair of wireless headphones to sync to your phone. That way, you can rid your phone of any impractical and ugly wires and be a lot more comfortable when listening to audio.

A handle

If you regularly take selfies with your phone, you might find that it’s often hard to hold the phone at the ideal angle to take the picture. The wide and rectangular nature of the device doesn’t lend itself to being able to hold easily. Instead of holding it around the edge of the device, why not add an extra handle to the back of the phone?

These handles have been made famous by lots of celebrities, including the Kardashian sisters, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they practical, but they add a cute little feature to any dull yet sensible phone case.

A Selfie Light

Speaking of the Kardashian sisters, it’s undeniable that they know the power of a great selfie, with Kim even going as far as to publish her own book filled with selfies. How do they achieve the ideal selfie every time? Well, the lighting makes a world of difference, and they discovered how light up phone cases can provide studio-quality lighting for every selfie they take. This means no longer do they take selfies that feature bad, unflattering lighting and angles. The LuMee case has revolutionized how people take selfies on their smartphones, allowing them to have great lighting in every picture.

However, if budget is an issue (after all, the LuMee case is stretching the budget at over $69), you can invest in a clip on selfie light, which starts at below $10. This great addition to your smartphone simply clips onto the front and is a miniature ring light. It enables you to take great selfies, no matter where you are, without having to carry around heavy equipment.