Optimise Your Business with IT Solutions

The business today can be optimized in different ways. The most popular way to do it is to use modern IT developments. IT innovations makes our business processes faster and ensures distribution of information is broader. That is the reason why businesses buy various types of softwares. It helps to make the business more efficient. 

Develop the Right Marketing Campaigns

In order to receive a better income it is important to:

  • take care of existing clients. That can be loyalty programs, congratulations for his birthday, notifications about your company latest discounts. All of it you can do having an SMS gateway provider who can deliver the content to the clients. Intis Telecom is the company that provides it.
  • prepare marketing campaigns to attract the potential clients. Companies do it by the means of SMS campaigns. Intis Telecom provides you with mass SMS sending services. Such a service is extremely important to optimise the work of marketing departments. The fee for such a service is not much. You simply have to share your clients’ database with the provider of a service. You won’t have more worries whether you message reaches the client. It surely will.

By the way, you can choose the SMS tool to optimize the internal activity of your company. There is no need to worry whether employees get the message. You can outsource the service and keep personnel updated by the means of their mobile phones. For directors it is an excellent tool to make the work at the office more efficient.

Manage Your Business by Messaging Services

If your company’s employees move a lot during their working day, you can always distribute tasks by phone. SMS  software helps to resolve business problems. It is a fine solution for:

  • financial sectors. Banks are especially welcome to use it. SMS service will inform the client about expiry of his card, time for payment of mortgage. SMS is one of the easiest ways to talk to people. It is as well comfortable for the client. It does not require communication between bank employee and a person.
  • for online shops. When you order the meal online you instantly get an SMS saying it will be ready in some time. This way of communication to the client is popular all over the world.
  • for health and entertainment industries. This sectors usually provide people a service. What is especially important in service industries is attention.Your client will be satisfied to receive a message that will remind him about his visit to spa complex. Sending such types of messages shows that the company cares about its clients.

Today people are willing to pay more for additional attentions and comfort. Budget for such SMS campaigns is really moderate. You can choose the financial scale you wish to in such an activity. Intis Telecom does not charge any subscription fee. It has very client-oriented pricing policy. You pay for the number of messages delivered. Such a service really makes business process better. It can greatly top up your sales.