9 Awesome Gift Ideas for Video Gamers the Gamer in Your Life Will Love

If there’s one thing your boyfriend loves almost as much as you, it’s video games.  And hey, it’s great to have a hobby. Problem is, it’s pretty much his only hobby.

That can make shopping for gifts a serious headache, especially if you don’t know anything about video games. Do you just buy him another controller… or something? Pick up a random game from the shelf?

Nah. Nowadays, gaming merchandise is so ubiquitous that you don’t need to know anything about games to get a video game gift he will love. To help with your brainstorming session, here are 9 awesome gift ideas for video gamers.

  1. Xbox Game Pass

“I have nothing to play.” Do you hear this phrase often? Besides the fact that he probably does, you can get him the gift of hundreds of games to keep him satisfied.

The Xbox Game Pass contains a library of over 100 high-end games, and you can pick and choose what you play throughout the duration of the subscription.

The pass comes in three versions: PC, Console, and Ultimate, which is a combination of the two. No matter how he plays, you can keep him in the game.

  1. Xbox One Steering Wheel

For the most immersive driving experience, turn towards a steering wheel for Xbox One. It’s a must-have accessory for any racing game enthusiast. In addition to the wheel, most setups include responsive foot pedals which offer better control.

What if he’s more of a PC gamer? The good news is a large selection of racing wheels are compatible with the Xbox One and PC, so he can lug it back and forth between his computer and console if that’s what he’s into.

  1. Gaming Chair

The gamer in your life deserves a chair as flashy as his computer. These chairs closely resemble seating found in high-end racing vehicles, and they’ve become a popular status symbol across the community.

Basic gaming chairs feel good and look good, and what more could you ask for? Well, if you’re looking for a larger gift, you can spend a bit more for unusual accessories, such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth functionality.

We’re not going to name a specific chair because these things come in many different prices and from different companies. Shop around and see what you think he’ll like.

  1. Assorted Snacks

It’s not unusual for gamers to get carried away and forget some of the essentials, such as… eating. A box of assorted snacks isn’t the healthiest choice out there, but it’s an easy way to keep them energized throughout the day.

Think of clean, wrapped treats, such as fruit snacks or chocolate. Messy items like chips can oftentimes be inconvenient since they can get on the hardware. But hey, if your gamer is really into finger food and doesn’t mind the mess, he certainly won’t complain.

  1. Oculus Rift

Looking for a big ticket item? VR has come a long way since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Major developers are really pushing the technology to bring it to the next level.

Since it’s a new frontier in the gaming world, VR has become increasingly popular for gamers who can afford the hardware.

Of all the gifts for gamers, it’s far from the cheapest. But there’s no better way to get immersed and dive into the next generation of gameplay.

  1. Freestyle Edge Mechanical Keyboard

Some gamers love their mechanical keyboards more than gaming itself. There’s a serious cult behind these devices when it comes to style and functionality. If your gamer doesn’t have a mechanical keyboard at all, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

But what if he’s in need of a replacement? Go with the Freestyle Edge from KinesisGaming. It’s a split, ergonomic mechanical keyboard with plenty of RGB options.

Didn’t understand any of those words? You don’t need to. Just know that it looks stylish and can prevent or alleviate discomfort caused by long gaming sessions. That’s no joke since gaming can cause some serious injuries.

  1. HDMI Switch

Flatscreen TVs don’t have enough HDMI ports to handle all the consoles and the PC. Stop worrying about cable management and get in the game with an HDMI switch.

This device plugs into the HDMI slot on your television. You can connect multiple HDMI devices into the switch and change the output with the push of the button. It’s a lot easier than fighting with cables behind the TV.

  1. Standing Microphone

For those gamers who play with their friends all weekend long, a good microphone can be the difference between fun and frustration. Many gaming headsets include built-in microphones, but these cannot compete with the quality of their standing counterparts.

If your gamer gets heckled because of poor microphone quality, this is the panacea. It’s also a must-have for anyone who streams on gaming sites like Twitch.

  1. Game Merch

Every gamer has a favorite game. And for every game comes a ton of related merchandise — especially for larger titles.

Large developers often have their own stores selling things like branded t-shirts, figurines, and mugs. For niche titles, search on places like Amazon or even Etsy to find his new favorite mementos.

Simplifying Gift Ideas for Video Gamers

If you know the gamer in your life well, gaming merchandise is the easiest way to get him a sentimental gift. Otherwise, look towards more generic gift ideas, such as snacks, the Xbox Game Pass, or a new gaming chair.

There are countless gift ideas for video gamers. If you’re not positive about a purchasing decision, get into his head until one of our aforementioned suggestions seems to be the best fit.

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