How To Travel The World Being A True Digital Nomad?

This is the era of the true-blue digital nomads, and it is here to stay for long. It has been deduced that this young generation prefers being a remote worker over a workplace employee.

Given the innovations in technology and networking, one can connect with the world effortlessly from anywhere around the globe.

Although the requirements of a digital nomad are to a minimum, they do extensively depend upon various gadgets that are portable, practical and serviceable to enhance their work productivity.

Whether you like chasing the Northern Lights or soaking in the coastal sunshine, a true digital nomad will never have a problem living the best of both worlds. All one needs is a reliable internet connection and the following digital gadgets and gizmos to ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

  1. Travel Adapter

The most quintessential product that we frequently tend to overlook while packing for our work trip or a holiday! Universal adapter saves you from unexpected surprises regarding power points in a foreign land.

A world adapter is compact enough to fit into a backpack and saves you a lot of money and effort in finding the local adapters in the local shops at the last moment.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Although you might love stretching out on the white sand beaches and working while listening to the seagulls squawking, there will be times when you seek the need for absolute silence.

A digital nomad should have the capacity to work in any environment such as an airport lobby, a noisy coffee shop or a travelling metro/bus. It also comes in handy when you have to attend meetings, watch a show or two or catch some shut-eye.

  1. Streaming Devices

It is very tough to concentrate on work if you don’t have some sort of entertainment from time to time. The best solution here is to carry your own entertainment. Simply, get a streaming device!

If you don’t have one currently, we suggest you pick up an Amazon Firestick. If you want to side-load some applications as per your streaming preferences, you can go to for easy tutorials and walkthroughs.

  1. Mobile Hotspot

Internet and Wi-Fi connections can be accessed almost anywhere in the world. However, if you are a nomad who likes taking the road less traveled, you might want to be prepared for times when a good public internet connection might not be available.

  1. Power Bank

If anything other than a Wi-Fi availability causes concern to a digital nomad, it would be finding a power socket in the middle of a meeting or a consequential workflow.  Carry along with a power bank with around 100Wh limit to save your laptop battery from draining out during your work diligence.

  1. Hard Drive Organiser

This is essentially a packing cube for your hard drive and cables. Not only do they save a lot of space in your carry on but also keeps everything organized and easy to reach out for when necessary. This way, you can keep track of all your devices and lower the chances of losing them during your travel.  This is said to be a must if your a vlogger or want to go on a month-long trip.

  1. Backpack:

One thing you shouldn’t cheap out on if you want to be a digital nomad is a backpack. Your backpack is going to handle everything mentioned in this list. So, better buy a premium backpack⁠— ones that are waterproof, theft-proof, and has plenty of room & compartments for each and everything you might need.

  1. VPN service:

Although it isn’t a gadget or a physical item as every one in the list has been, it is of utmost importance if you are going to travel throughout the world. VPNs will keep you safe from public internet vulnerabilities. Moreover, it will enable you to access certain content/sites that are restricted in individual countries.

Go for a known VPN with servers all across the world. Some to choose from are NordVPN, TunnelBear, PIA, ExpressVPN,  etc.


One cannot be a true digital nomad if you tend to carry your whole office space along with you. Digital nomads need to learn to travel light and smart. A huge part of becoming a digital nomad requires you to adopt a minimalistic mindset. Digital nomads are not comfort creatures but tend to make any place a home until their next move.

If we have missed out on any of your favorite points or if your favorite point is mentioned above, please let us know via email or comment section.