5 Things to Do When Skipping Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil the loved one in your life. However, it is not for everyone and you may decide you wish to skip Valentine’s Day this year. It does not matter what the reasons are, it is perfectly acceptable not to celebrate this day but what can you do instead? Below you will find 5 things to do when skipping Valentine’s Day.

Take a Holiday

Now could be the perfect time to book a holiday. There are several websites which offer excellent late holiday deals and this would be the perfect way to enjoy yourself without getting caught up in Valentine’s Day. You may even choose to travel to your chosen destination on this day and in doing so avoid all the usual Valentine’s Day things you would find if you went about your day normally. Plus, booking a holiday for Valentine’s Day will give you something to look forward to on that day rather than dreading it.

Watch a Non-Romantic Movie

The cinema tends to be full of romantic movies at this time of year but there are plenty of other films available on the big screen which are not related to Valentine’s Day. Cinemas do not stop showing regular films just because it is Valentine’s Day. Check the local listings and see what other films are available to watch. There are sure to be comedies, which would be a good pick-me-up if Valentine’s Day gets you down plus you could watch an action film or a drama. However, it might be best to avoid going to a theatre as you are likely to find many couples who are celebrating so the cinema is always the best choice.

Play Slots

One of the best things to do when skipping Valentine’s Day is to remain at home. There are plenty of ways to keep entertained in your own home and avoid anything to do with Valentine’s Day. One of the most exciting is to go online and play slots games. You can play freshly released slot games at a wide range of online casinos. There are several themes to choose from including action, fruit, movie, ancient history, television, mythology, sports and science fiction. There is sure to be something in that list which takes your fancy and if you are just starting out playing slots, it is possible to try some of them out for free before playing with real money.

However, nothing beats the buzz of winning big money playing online slots. New slots games are being released on a daily basis and using the link above you can find all the newest slots as they become available. Becoming engrossed in a slots game will get you focused on the game and nothing else, which is the perfect way to forget all about Valentine’s Day. You may even win a prize and that would be the perfect way to skip Valentine’s Day.

Just remember to never gamble more money than you can afford to lose and you will you be having the time of your life from the comfort of your own home.

Participate in Sports

Nothing closes on Valentine’s Day, in fact in the United Kingdom it is not a national holiday meaning everything continues to operate as normal. That means facilities such as leisure centres are open and they often remain open until late at night. This provides the perfect opportunity to participate in a sporting activity rather than celebrate Valentine’s Day. You could book a tennis court or a badminton court and take on a friend or family member in a match. If you have a group of friends who also want to skip Valentine’s Day, you could book a 5-a-side football pitch. If you would rather do something on your own you could go swimming or visit the gym. There are plenty of different activities you could participate in but if you enjoy watching sport, you could get tickets to a sporting event.

There are plenty of live sporting events taking place every day of the week and Valentine’s Day is no exception.


One of the most rewarding ways to use free time is volunteering. There are many charities out there who need help throughout the year and that doesn’t change on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is a local soup kitchen that needs help serving food to homeless people or elderly people in a home who would love to have some company for a few hours?

Whatever it may be, volunteering is one of the best things you can do but you have a great choice of things available. Whether you want to watch a movie, participate in a sporting activity, watch a sporting event, take a holiday or play the latest slots games, there is always something fun to do on when skipping Valentine’s Day.