5 tips on maintaining a clean and organised home

A clean and organised home is essential to our mental and physical well being, a tidy space ensures we don’t feel stressed when we’re trying to put our feet up for the evening and a clean home prevents allergy induced issues and even general health problems.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to maintain a clean and organised home (because we all know that you can clean top to bottom on a Saturday, then by Tuesday it’s back to its usual state), here are five easy tips:


  1. Invest in a deep clean

Don’t pay out for a cleaner all year long, instead hire some help when the big cleans need to be done – i.e. before and after Christmas, in the spring and the summer. You can hire companies who do specific seasonal cleans, Molly Maid summer cleaning for example, will ensure your house is spruced up as the days get warmer and would more than likely include cleaning tasks such as cleaning the windows, sorting the living areas and giving the carpets a thorough shampooing.

  1. Have a catch all tray

Do you find that your sides are cluttered with items that don’t have a home, but are regularly used day to day? Then you might find that a catch all tray or bowl is the answer and allows you to simply throw items into this to easily find later. You could leave it on the landing, in the bathroom or in the hallway, where people most commonly leave items behind. Here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own, if you’re a bit crafty.

  1. Set a date and a time to clean

Life gets in the way, but if you have a schedule that dictates when you will take some time out to give your home a thorough clean you can ensure nothing gets missed. Allocate a Thursday evening after dinner or a Saturday morning to the things that need doing (cleaning the kitchen surfaces, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) and ensure these always get done in that time.

  1. Have some rules

Do you like things to be a certain way? Then set some ground rules for your home to ensure you don’t need to go round fixing certain things or tidying them up when they needn’t be touched. If everyone knows not to use the blue cloth in the kitchen for the work surfaces and that they must top up the toilet roll holder when it’s empty, then nothing should go wrong….

  1. Make things easier for yourself

There are certain things you can do to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to maintaining a clean and orderly home. Start by making your bed, while you’re still in it.
It might sound insane but you can simply pull the covers up, straighten them out then slide out from underneath them. Then it’s just a case of plumping up your pillows and being on your way. When you shower you could also use the steam to wipe down the sink and walls to give them a quick clean, cutting down on the time it takes when you clean properly later in the week.

When it comes to maintaining a clean and organised home, bear some of these tips in mind, cut down your cleaning time and enjoy a tidy house every day of the week.