5 Tips to Becoming More Approachable to Men

With dating apps on the rise, it’s hard to spark up conversation in normal settings

when it seems like everyone is glued to their phones these days. So how do you lock

eyes with Mr. Cutie at Whole Foods and actually get him to walk over and talk to

you? This article has a few tips and tricks you can start practicing on your next

grocery run!

Tip#1 Take the headphones out!

I’m guilty of this one. Many times we want to zone out, listen to that favorite song on

repeat and disconnect for a little while. But putting the phone away and taking in

what’s going on around you show a man that you’re approachable and an in-the-

moment kind of woman. The next time you’re out on an errand or running around

town, try taking in your environment and enjoying the little things. To Mr. Cutie, it

might look like you’re comfortable in your surroundings.


Tip#2 Make eye contact and smile

Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact! This is one of the best ways to get someone’s

attention and let them know you wouldn’t mind them coming over and starting a

conversation. There’s a man standing next to you and he’s cute, try and catch his

eyes and put a small smile on your face. A 3-count eye contact and small smile

should do it, anything longer than 10 seconds and it might look like you’re stalking

him. Unless he’s juggling fire, in which case, stare on!


Tip #3 Put a little effort in

We’ve all heard this one a thousand times, but it bears repeating, “Look good, feel

good!” But it’s true! Ladies, you don’t have to put on your full face to pick up your

dry cleaning, but if you’re typically the type that throws on sweats, ponytail in and

glasses on, and then you feel like you have to avoid any one attractive in public (I’m

speaking to myself here), try a new routine! Spend that extra 20 minutes putting

something on that makes you feel beautiful, throw on a little mascara and see how it

changes your day! Dressing up for the day, even for yourself, makes you feel good on

the inside and that kind of energy radiates outwards. People notice!

Tip #4 Ask for help

Okay, I know we’re in a “we are empowered women” day and age, but there is

nothing wrong with asking for help! At the end of the day, men are still pretty basic

creatures (really, it’s not that complicated). They like feeling valued and like they

have something to offer. If your favorite chocolate bar is on the top shelf and you

can’t reach it, ask that cute guy standing by you watching you struggle to grab it for

a little help. Who knows? Maybe he also has an intense love for dark chocolate

covered almonds and you guys can spark up a conversation! Don’t forget to touch

his arm and make eye contact when you say, “thank you”.


Tip#5 Work on yourself. Your energy attracts people

This tip is very Law of Attraction, but it’s a good one. Have you ever noticed how you

gravitate to some people and naturally pull away from others? We hear it all of the

time “there’s just something about so-and-so”. And that can be you, too! Learning

how to be more comfortable in your own skin and working on what kind of energy

you’re giving off can attract people in to your life and have them saying “wow,

there’s something about you! You’re glowing!” If you’ve got a lot of anxiety and give

off a nervous energy, meditation is a fantastic tool. It’s helped me personally with

social anxiety and feeling calmer around people. You don’t have to spend an insane

amount of money on yoga camps or silent retreats in India, either. There’s plenty of

guided YouTube meditations that will do the trick!


Hopefully this gives you a good starting point and some tips and tricks to use for

becoming more approachable and attracting Mr. Cutie! Remember take the time to

look inward and fall in love with yourself so you’re comfortable anywhere you go.

Men love a woman who is confident, empowered and also in comfortable with her

quirks. You don’t have to be a graceful, know what to say at every moment type of

woman. Simply loving yourself and radiating that is enough.

Your coach,

Apollonia Ponti