5 Tips to Soothe a Sick Baby

Taking care of a fussy baby is hard because babies do not have the speech skills to tell you what’s wrong, which leaves you frantically guessing. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of five tips to help you soothe a sick baby.

Nurse or Give Your Baby a Bottle

One of the first things you should try when your baby is crying is to feed her. Babies have very small stomachs, so they need to be fed frequently. Plus, liquid is digested a lot faster than solid foods. Newborns need to be fed every 1 to 2 hours. This is extended to 4 to 5 hours for older babies as solid foods are introduced. If you know your baby is not hungry, a pacifier may soothe her.

Gently Bounce or Rock Your Baby

If you’ve already tried feeding your baby and she is still upset, it’s time to try some motion. Bouncing and rocking simulates the feeling babies had while in the womb, which is soothing to them. Walk around bouncing your baby to help her calm down. Some parents report that going for a drive in the car sometimes does the trick, too. To give yourself some relief and your baby the motion she desires, you can also purchase a baby swing.

Sing Soft Lullabies or Talk Gently


Image via Flickr by koadmunkee

Your voice is one of the most calming things to your baby. Sometimes she just wants to know that you are around and that you are taking care of her. When your baby is crying, try to sing her some lullabies or talk quietly to her. This works quite well when combined with rocking or bouncing. Songs also distract your baby from what is bothering her, which can bring some relief. Of course, too much sound can be upsetting or too stimulating. If singing doesn’t work, try going to a very quiet place. It’s possible that your baby just wants some peace and quiet.

Wrap Your Baby Tightly

Another way you can try to soothe your baby is to wrap her up tightly in a swaddling blanket. Very young babies do not have good control of their extremities, which causes them to flail. This can last for up to six months. It can be very upsetting to a baby that just wants to relax. Some babies require swaddle blankets to sleep and stay warm until they learn to control their arms and legs.

Give Your Baby Some Medicine

If your baby still seems inconsolable after you have rocked and fed her, she may be sick or in pain and need some medicine. In general, it’s safe to administer acetaminophen for pain relief when used only occasionally. However, for most remedies, you should consult with a doctor. If you have a quick question and can’t reach your baby’s doctor, Curely.co has licensed practitioners available 24/7 who can give you advice.

Hopefully one of these tips will help you figure out what is making your baby uncomfortable, so that you can soothe her and provide some relief to both of you. Remember, being a parent is hard for everyone. Hang in there!