5 Ways to Feel Sexier From the Inside Out

How attractive you are on the outside originates from how you feel on the inside. You don’t have to look like a lingerie model to feel your best; it’s all a state of mind. Whether it’s a Monday morning at the office or a Friday night out on the town, feeling sexy isn’t about what you wear or how you do your hair. Your attitude can make you feel sexier than you might think, and there are some tricks and tips to help you get into the right mindset to feel like you are best.

Boosting your self-esteem and confidence is the right way to adopt a sexier outlook. From pampering yourself with sexy new underwear set to taking control of your pleasure with a toy from PinkCherry, here are a few ways that you can start feeling sexy from the inside out.

Take Care of Yourself

Pampering your body and mind is a great way to get in touch with your inner sexiness. A long hot bath in erotic oils and scents can put you in the mood. Getting a new haircut and a flattering new outfit can also boost your confidence and help your inner vixen shine. Staying in good shape is only part of the formula for feeling sexy. No matter what your weight or build, with a bit of attention to grooming and hygiene, you can feel sexier and let others around you enjoy your natural beauty.

Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Sitting at home on your couch day after day isn’t going to help you feel sexy. To feel the exhilaration of attraction and sexiness, you need to get out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you have to plan to go skydiving, but think about engaging in more new and exciting activities.

For married or long-term couples, it’s easy to fall into a comfortable routine. Comfort has its place, but it doesn’t do much for keeping a sexy spark alive. If you want to heat things up, try something different, move outside your regular schedule and surprise your partner with something new.

Update Your Delicates

Comfort is essential for your everyday delicates, but those white cotton panties may not help you feel very sexy. One of the best ways to give yourself a sexiness boost is to update your delicates with a set that makes you feel luxurious. A new silk or lace bra and panty set have a way of lighting the fire that you may have thought had gone out. Just knowing that you are wearing an irresistible ensemble under your clothes can help you feel sexier. 


If it’s been a while since you have flirted with anyone, you may think you have forgotten how to do it. Simple, harmless flirting is a great way to get your mind in the right space to feel your most attractive. A coy smile, a random compliment, and a sexy laugh at a passing joke can get you the reaction you want and help you feel more desirable.

Stop Comparing

Women worldwide are fighting a baseless struggle to look like the models and movie stars that they see in the public. The truth is, feeling and looking sexy has very little to do with your outward appearance. Acceptance of your body style, size, and natural beauty is the right way to help yourself feel more comfortable with your inner sexiness.

Every woman and man deserves to feel like they are sexy and desirable. Your self-esteem and confidence are the keys to being able to project an attitude that is irresistibly sexy. Follow some of these tips and tricks to help you feel sexier from the inside out.